I do not provide any claims to giving healing advise whether by myself or through any links to services provided through others. I do provide current reports and yes, some will fall under Rumors, Myths and Unsubstantiated Altered States of Consciousness whether by myself personally or through the experiences of others.

We are living within a time of many great and mind-blowing changes. It is an informed citizenry that functions best without censorship of scientific and intellectual knowledge gained through mental and spiritual resources. I hold no claims to Truth, as it seems all that we label as being True is changing so fast that a dictionary can not be published fast enough to stay abreast of the definitions coming forth.

So, use your discernment as many of my friends and associates are of the Spiritual Communities based around this beautiful blue planet called Earth, Terra or Gaia and their takes on reality require one to actually experience what they foretell personally.

Namaste’ David