We Don’t Need A Sole Source of Information

I’m choosing to rant a little about how our Friends of the Cosmos have chosen one Selective Representative to Speak on their behalf. It seems every Alternative Reality Host has been interviewing one personality since July of 2022. Ismael Perez is an intriguing man with a great delivery upon a message that promotes Peace, Goodwill and Harmony among a Collective of Benevolent Extraterrestrial of Inhabitants across the vast expanse of Space. Why would there be such great popularity with this man across every YouTube Channel that desires to interview anyone with knowledge or first hand experience with an ET group?

My concern is not so much for the danger that Ismael has placed upon himself as the Messenger, but the way the Sleeper Crowd which is the intended target of Perez’s messages might react to a sudden loss of Ismael’s charismatic presentations that spark hopes of ending rumors of war and diseases when a Group of ET Civilizations remove their cloaking of ships and beings to enable face to face interactions with humanity. It is so tactically wrong to have just one major source of information being pumped (almost as if MSM was scripting the narratives) into the minds of the Un-awakened Sleepers and we know that the Choir already knows as much as Ismael has been relating.

Yes and no to egoic jealousy. When you have been tasked with missions to perform as a messenger you want to remove yourself from from the Lime-Light of Fame, as you are not the Star of the Show; just the paperboy that delivers the NEWS. Therefore, the message is not printed upon paper but exists within a realm of telepathic communication with the Source(s) that are able to link with those chosen for dissemination of their propaganda. Yes, it is Propaganda until it becomes reality. We all have been subjected to various forms of propaganda all our lives. It would behoove the Benevolent Collective ET Group of whom Ismael has done a fantastic job of memorization of factual names, locations and past events (as if he were an actor performing on stage) to train more messengers within the nations of people presently politically divided across this Earth.

The Galactic Wars may have indeed been long time over and we only imagine within nightmares the continuation of them and thus produce movies and novels based upon their occurrences? So, its time to tell the Cobblers we are ready to wear a new set of shoes so that we might walk the walk and talk the talk as a group of sovereign souls united in peace but prepared to stand our grounds as a Freedom Loving World without Monarchs, Dictators and Doctors; as we realize that we have all that we need within us to succeed and join the Cosmic Families.

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