Corey Goode’s Ascension Work Latest Off World Report

TOP SECRET – Classified: BEYOND MAJIC Secret Space Program – SSP Alliance Undisclosed location
September 13th, 2021
From: Chief of Operations
To: All governments, militaries, and citizens of Earth
Subject: Reconnaissance Mission Over the Tall Grey Bases & the Solar System Lockdown
This is an official SSP Alliance release.
The disclosures we have brought forward have been compromised. Fake Secret
Space Program veterans, Super Soldier imposters, and ET contactees have released considerable misinformation. To keep Humanity from fighting for freedom with a false sense of security, they are peddling the narrative that the Mars colonies, Moon, and Antarctica bases have been liberated from the Grey Alien and Reptilian forces.
To combat these counterintelligence campaigns, we are releasing a series of briefings straight from our highest-ranking officers without intermediaries. We strongly recommend that you disregard information that is not coming directly from us.
In our last briefing, we described the reconnaissance delegation’s observations of the Reptilian base in Antarctica. We talked about their deep underground city, casts, feeding on ‘loosh,” and several races of different beings – enslaved by the Reptilians and their AI God. This briefing will cover the delegation’s observations of the Tall Grey bases and the Solar System lockdown.
Tall Grey aliens whose skin ranges from white to grey, are frequently lumped into
a “grey alien” category based on their classic grey alien looking physiology. Most aliens with variations of this physiology are not related. They originate from and inhabit different locations in the Universe (And others), although they look similar. For example, Small Grey aliens are bio androids that many extraterrestrial groups, including the Nordics and Reptilians, use as standard hardware akin to a personal computer to automate and complete tasks. The Tall Greys and Reptilians are often seen alongside their allies Tall Nordic Rogue Federations, who use the human-looking extraterrestrials to trick humans into thinking they are interacting with angelic beings or advanced positive ET races. Although these tall Nordic Rogue Federations look human, they are AI Prophets who use ‘love and light’ to deceive populations.
In December 2017, Goode released information on the Tall Greys, describing them as approximately eight feet tall leaders of the Orion Group controlled by the AI God. The

Orion Group won the last timeline war during the Pre Adamite solar event, setting our 3D negative timeline. Then they helped set up human leadership on Earth with whom they made agreements regarding physical and spiritual experimentation. The Tall Greys are the extraterrestrials who reached the technology-sharing agreement with President Eisenhower in February 1955. They were also responsible for the Tau IX Treaty formalizing the human abduction trade. This loophole in the Super Federation code of conduct made Humanity accountable and complicit in our role as willing participants to the Tall Grey agenda.
The presence and the description of the Tall Greys were confirmed by Heather Sartain, the daughter of an ex-USAF military and a former Lockheed Martin employee named Edward Glen Sartain, who passed away in July 2013.
The Reptilians, Insectoids, and rogue Federation groups (tall attractive human ETs) are the members of the Orion Group and report to the Tall Greys. The Tall Greys oversee their joint efforts in fulfilling the AI God’s agenda.
As revealed by Corey Goode in July 2015, there are 22 different genetic programs executed by various extraterrestrial races. The Tall Greys were extensively involved in the genetic manipulation of lifeforms on Earth. They performed hands-on specimen and data collections through physical handling of the human body. The Tall Greys closely collaborated with the insectoid and humanoid groups on different aspects of the genetic and spiritual experiments.
Some abductees describe seeing Tall Greys and US military soldiers in the
abduction room. As we explained earlier, the US military and shadow government
have agreements, which involve trading biological specimens for extraterrestrial technologies. During such abductions, the Air Force Specialists in black Military- Industrial Complex (MIC) programs usually observe and keep a detailed log of the individuals abducted and Tall Grey activities involving the abductions. Sometimes SSP personnel are present on these crafts but not very often. As Goode has reported previously, the US military discovered that the Tall Greys could not be trusted early on, necessitating oversight. Once we developed our advanced space programs and could deflect the entry of unauthorized ships into our space, the Tall Greys had no choice but to allow US military observers on board their crafts.
Goode was shown the Tall Greys bases on the Moon, Mars, and deep underground on Earth. The reconnaissance delegation, including Goode, the Anshar, Micca, the Mayans, and the SSP Alliance, observed an enormous base with thousands of Tall Greys on the Moon.
They could see Small Greys and other genetically engineered biological machines doing physical work involving four primary and many other sub-compartmentalized genetic

and spiritual programs. They also found three powerful devices that the Anshar said would be destroyed by the upcoming Solar events.
The delegation witnessed Tall Greys sending out drone ships operated by Small Greys, who conducted genetic and reproductive experiments on humans with MIC observers on board. Most of these abduction experiments took place aboard crafts, but in some cases, humans were taken to deep underground joint Tall Grey and Human Earth bases. The Anshar told the delegation that the Tall Greys were interfering in the natural spiritual development of the Earth as many souls they abducted are star seeds.
The Tall Greys monitored and manipulated the abductees via implants while sitting in chairs with glowing orbs on the armrests as control panels. They would abduct astral bodies during sleep to download experiences and information and implant ‘energetic implants’ in eyes and other body parts. After stealing and storing “pieces” of their astral bodies and through physical and energetic implants, the Tall Greys could use the abductees as drones, controlling their behaviors and perception of reality. They would give the abductees distorted information to pollute society and the disclosure narrative.
The Tall Greys used the same chair devices to capture people in astral or spirit form after death, download their experiences and information, and take fragments of their ‘soul body.’ They would then triage the souls using three main devices in the Tall
Grey Command and Control Center, which Goode describes in his original report. The Tall Greys sent most souls and soul fragments that they intercepted back to Earth
to reincarnate after energetic programming or to “realms” created by the deceased based on their religious and belief systems (Heaven, Hell etc…). Other souls that were determined to be here to aid humanity, think star-seeds, were sent to various star systems.
There were huge areas with Tall Greys in stasis-type chambers whose souls were fragmented and inserted into the light bodies of the humans abducted in the astral
to influence them during new incarnations. These are considered conscious energetic implants, which are similar to entity attachments. Many of the humans Tall Greys physically abduct are incarnated Tall Greys, allowing them to accomplish their agenda without breaking any cosmic agreements.
The delegation also observed huge tanks with body parts floating in a broth like amber fluid, which Tall Greys turned into a paste. They would scrape their skin with a knife and then rub the human paste on the scraped area and absorb the nutrients from the paste for sustenance.
It is important to note that the Super Federation manages all activities within our Galaxy, including the Orion Group’s activities on Earth. However, when the Earth reached a certain level of awareness, the New Guardians of our Galaxy stepped forward

as the facilitators of Humanity’s independence and right to manage our own genetic and spiritual development.
In 2018, Sigmund, USAF, MIC lower-level Space Program officer who interrogated Goode, shared several hard drives containing databases on the entire Dark Fleet with the SSP Alliance. He was killed over this information. The ICC used Sigmund’s information to place the entire Solar System on lockdown to root out any ‘security threats.’
In the next briefing, we will cover the reconnaissance delegation visits to the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) bases on Mars, Moon, Antarctica, and the Super Federation bases close to Jupiter and Saturn during several different excursions, most of which occurred between April and August of 2021.
Remember, in the end-times, even the “elect” can be deceived. Discern now more than ever!
Be patient, be strong. We are in this together.

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