Jimmy Paine’d Story

This is one of the toughest dialogues to coherently follow due to the person using the Aliases of Jimmy Paine whose chronological life somehow began at the age of 6 or 7 in and around 1962. A channeler of Native Americans and an ET that he named Mona Lisa with whom he used telepathy as the communication medium. It’s two and half hours long. I am about seven years Jimmy’s senior and can follow the places and events fairly well as my Service time started in February of 1968 and ended in September of 1982. I was 24/25 years old while in Nam and Jimmy stated that at ages 16/17 he was a TS Messenger (Courier) in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam returning to Holloman AFB in 1972 whereas I returned to Carswell AFB in January of 1972. I have never consciously remember meeting this Vietnam Veteran, though I have met a few who’s stories were also difficult to believe. So, with a ‘grain of salt’ or a bushel basket full of ‘Salt’ this is Jimmy’s Story and Kudos to James Rink for doing this interview and providing graphic aides to high light areas of Jimmy’s talk.


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