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I now have the ability to scan into Book Format the Papers and Large 1000+ page Freedom Covenant with 100% Knowledge completed in 1986 which was the year of the author’s passing. Richard J. (Dick) Benson

WordPress is ackward enough when trying to post a PDF or MS Word Conversion to your Blog. So. send me an email and I’ll send you a copy of these documents Sorry when I did a scan from an old HP Desktope Printer only the odd pages came out. so in another scan I had the even pages. So is Life………but we have a brain that when correctly applied it straightens out stuff and organizes jumbles into prose.

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aetheric particle accelerators

©1984 R.J.Benson



( Section A – A)




ADIATRO S = “Vortex-Ring” and they have 2 distinct axes of MOCIOK( 11motion” = time” = “dimen­ sion” ) perpendicular to each other. One axis is its full J6o° CIRCCLE( “circle” ) as the curv­ ilinear arc ce terline about hich its mass rotates and this shall be kno TI as its ROLLERAXIS The other axis is a relativelystraight linear one depicting the central-path that such mass

of vortically-rolling ADIATRONS form expresses mobility on and it shall be known as its MOBILITY­ AXIS as permits our measuring the rate of its transit through its enveloping-f’ield as is relat­ ively ‘non-moving’ as compared to the ADIATRONS mobility thus.

Via  interfacing the relative outer-surface shown for  their circular-roller of mass “‘·ith the

field mass it           transits such ADIATR0:-.15 literally can be considered to ROLL through a cylindrical pattern formed by the yielding enveloping-field due to the balancing of pressure-gradients so involved between the specific-gravity of the field and of the ADIATRONS unit moving through it.

Within HYDRODYNAMICS( qv ‘vortex-ring’ ) it is felt that except for the thrust imparted to this ADIATRONS system via its AXIS-of-FORCE( MOBILITY-AXIS ) that its specific-gravity and that of its enveloping-field are essentially identical. It is further observed within hydrodynamics that the ADIATRONS reveal a persistant-velocity through the enveloping-field it displaces and thus appears to roll >d thin a cylinder which tube it precise!y fits.

Since ea h portion of such ADIATRONS and its enveloping-field are of the same specific­ gravity gradient the ‘particles’ of both masses are essentially-weightless in being of rela’tively identical essenss(  11essence).  The vortical-roll as the inf’olding-exfolding ‘spin’ of the ADIATRONS roller-fonn persists momentarily since the relative-resistance to its forward mocion is due to its lateral omniradial displacement of the relatively­ weightless enveloping-field via such vertical-roll force frictionally imparted to it. Such laterally displaced enveloping-field quickly fills in behind this transient ADIATRONS fonn which relatively acted as a “steam roller” resiliently indenting but not much horizontally­ moving such paving-material it thus pressuringly interfaced with.

A case of the hydrodynamic text extant shows that a drop of water-ink or milky-water falling through air via agravidus( “A Gravity” ) force naturally imparted to it will upon entering a body-of-water display its ‘cloudy-particles’ as the ADIATR’)NS effect which transits that body along its MOBILITY-AXIS while displaying its ring fonn.

A falling symmetrical mass upon setting up the vortical-roll of the field it displaces finds

such ADIATRONS vertical axis influxing downwardly as the path of least resistance with such


AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS propulsional potential 1or controlled use in making mobile craft objects of  ‘space-shipdesigns which tightly andsafely follow the same law o:f ALL MOCIOX as described in-part by the ADIATROXS cause and effect vie.-points which this Author will attempt in this book to broaden and expound upon the present knowledge concerning

FL ID( gas  or liquid mass } such as ound under the several extant text headings as follows:

AERODYNAMICS ( physics re: 1orces attending 1light mobility )

AEROMECHA. ICS ( science 01 air & gas in equilibrium or mocion as Aerodynamics & Aerostatics AEROSTATICS ( physics re: equilibrium 01 solid-bodies “lighter than air” :floating in air) HYDRODYNAMICS  action of fluids in mocion)

HYDROKINETICS    mocions o:r fluids )

HYDROMECHA. ICS ( equilibrium & mocion 01 fluids ) HYDROLOGY ( fluid H20 and its laws and properties

HYDROSTATICS ( physics re: equilibrium & pressure of’ water and other f’luids and their

static modes )

HYDRAULICS ( physics re: mechanical properties of’ f’luids 1or applications physical in

enginering designs )

THERMODYNAMICS ( science dealing with the relationship 01 heat and mechanical energy and

the conversion of one into the other. This analogs somewhat nuclear physics concerning the energies involved in nuclear­ changes, and analogs astrophysics as the science of’ the physical

properties and phenomenon of the planets and stars, etc, )

!ind yo· that at present we tend to separate FLUIDS & SOLIDS yet given the appropriate 1requency Yalue of vibration stimulant any SOLID becomes LIQUID( fluidic or aetheric gaseous substance

— yet we tend to think of’ SOLIDS being PHYSICAL and AETHERIC being INTANGIBLE yet both are

indeed “physical and tangible” and are universally usable in converting one value-gradient of f’orce into another value-gradient via such engineered application once the fundamental lmowledge is once ell understood since it is totally pennissive of’ such lar greater realizations. ie: todayscience uses  metalparticle  accelerators’ of’ hea,ry electro-mechanical  designs of’ their

engineering technology, yet none have been able to envision or apply the logic of ADIATRONS to the design and construction of AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS which in addition to ef iciently moving aethe.ric low specific-gravity gradients of mass can also be used to move vast magnitudes

of very-heavy-solid mass designs through that aetheric low specilic-gravity fieldmass we now call 11outerspace11  as lies disposed between the billions upon billions of’ visible high specific­ gravity centroids we call planets. To accomplish this latter case of mobility expression is the primary objective of’ this book ARC – A TIME MACHINE & AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELER-.\TORS, and which

attends all such physics optimal understanding and appreciation.

That the ancient people who left such distinctive megalithic monuments to this logic prevail today in that 11outerspace11  is a certainti( 11A Certainty” ) as is the fact that they thrive in the cont rolled environment within their I space-craft’ as move through that space via the same

ADIATRONS effect this book now deals with. Realize also that “ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD” mass-units that pressure-balancingly interf’ace obey the single ADIATRONS law, yet 1or the present it seems more dif icult to design a craft using such field for levitational propulsion since to find its

own essenss within a field it transits appears for this period of’ our development to be ‘out of reach’ yet surely it will fall within ‘reach’ when we understand and employ safely this law of’

ADIATR•),'(5 effect concerning mobility.

This work in no manner is intended to ‘put down’ the extant text data of the various involved science-branches. Many portions of’ this book will in fact appreciably enhance the state-01-the­ art within all those science-branches and this also is the intent of this work which has been written and illustrated to reach the well developed scienti1ic mind as well as the not so

scienti1ically oriented people of this planet’s body-socio. In view ot this please labor

through these pages and examples though they at times appear to reiterate a single course 01 logic. The purpose of these many physical examples is to show clearly and concisley that all about us in nature this phenomenon abounds needing only our ability to perceive its simple truth before we can use it in complete sa1ety for the betterment of’ all portions of our body­ socio that can accept such technological advancement and all that it portends f’or the overall advancement 0£  such people everywhere throughout all their needs 0£  nurtured survival and

general well being through natural self sufficiency while assisting others to also gain that same degree of cultural development under the controlling law of 1 God above all other gods.

I                                            \


I               \.

l”sing the same ‘electric-fan’ ADIATROKS form as above ,,ith the BEACH-BALL removed now toss a square sheet of paper into the MOBILITY-AXIS proximity and note that it will quickly fall out and away from the forces center-line of thrust. Now via a simple-folding of that sheet of paper by creasing it along its 2 diagonals and thence oppositely along its 2 mid-points from side to side, and then partially opening this creased sheet to resemble the follo.-ing sketch you can drop that form-of-symmetry in relatively still air to find that it will exhibit METASTATIC­ STABILITY and fall point-dO•’Il•·ith its RIGHTING-COUPLE being maintained as its VERTICAL-AXIS since it  ,,:ill via its  symmetry pressurebalance “‘•ith the  air  idisplaces enroute to the floor. Drop this paper-symmetry form UPSIDE-DOW!\ and its automatically RIGHTS-ITSELF.

Ko.- after having placed via adhesive a ‘BB’ shot inside at the apex of that paper form of metastatically-stable symmetry and ‘adding’ thereto you should be able to establish the precise amount of “dead-weight” your electric-fan’s ADIATRONS effect can cancel while achieving a HOVER mode for the paper form just as was done for the BEACH-BALL. Reduce the weight and the ‘craft’ levitates while increase of the weight finds that ‘craft’ will graviate.

ADIATROKS in their linear movement along their MOBILITY-AXIS can either PULL( – ) or PUSH( + )

an object placed within its ‘sphere of influence’ within the enveloping atmosphere. This move­

ment is directly equatable in terms of relative •POUNDAL-UNITS’ of such “THRUST” or “PROPl,1..,SIOI\AL FORCE” — but the maximum effect of such propulsion is not via the least-differential of specific-gravity gradients acting as the PULL( – ) & PUSH( + ) force of ADIATRONS and thus obviously the greatest ‘POUNDAL-UNITS’ one can expect to make MOBILE at the GREATEST-RATE of

its TRANSIT of an enveloping-field is via using the greatest-differential of specific-gravity prevailing within the object itself as its displacement-capacity and its immediately adjacent enveloping-field including its ADIATRONS effect within that field of its envelopment.



Since the THERME values of VIBRATION FREQUENCIES/ WAVELENGTHS represent but a minute part of ALL ASPECTRALE( “A Spectral” ) vibration-range from its LONGEST-WAVELE.”IGTH( LOW-FREQUENCY ) to its SHORTEST-WAVELENGTH( HIGH-FREQUENCY) and since HEAT-FREQUENCY values are influenced by AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS( “A Specific-Gravity” ) gradient of all mass these vibrations do optically transit and reflect-off, it is felt that we should now briefly address such concerns.

6336 x 66 THOUSAND ERGONS = !CALORIE( ‘small’ )

396 x ( 6336000 x 1/6 ) ERGONS = KALORIE( ‘small’

The above ERGO!\ potential-value of a ‘small’ KALORIE( “calorie”/ “calory” ) is the HEAT-FREQUE”CY Yalue required to raise 1 GRAMME of H2O from its 7.2°H maximum-weight temperature by 25% or 1.8°H ( = l•C as= 2.12°F ) in bringing it to a 9°H measurable value when such GRAMME of the initial

7.2°H value equalled .3963 Inch3 as has AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS( “A Specific-Gravity” ) 1 and the BOIL-FREEZE RANGE of such H2O = 18o0H( 1oo°C = 212°F ). Thus also this HEAT-FREQUENCY value of a ‘small’ KALORIE = 6336 x 66 THOUSAND ERGONS as is the THER.”IE equivalent for ,,-hich see your texts

under “thermodynamicsII in its  def’ini tion of’ the 11therm11 and this THERME of  1. 8°H gradient- scalar

= HETE( “heat” q,· ) !llill•

HITE= “The quality of being hot as an energy effect produced by ACCELERATED VIBRATION within molecules. Theoretically 1.8°Hydrograde HETE UNITS x -275 = -495°H at which therme gradient all molecular-vibration would cease hence no measurable-gradient of HEAT-FREQUENCY would then be evident at this absolute-zero temperature value as is also termed to be -275°C.11

H+E+T( = 8+5+2o ) = 33 & / .E( .5) = 66

LATEKS( “latent” qv ) = “Tolie  concealed or lurk ,,,.ithin a thing or mass as a power or quality

as a potential that exists and thus can be brought to realization as development.”

L+A+T( = 12+1+2o

LATEXS HETE( “latent heat” qv

= 33 & x E+N+S( = 5+14+19 = J8 as 3+8 = 1+1 } = 66

therefore is a 6.6 RATIO ,·herein 6.6 x 1.8 = 11.88 wherein our

LIGHT-VIBRATION RATE transit of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS .8 value which analogs maximum-weight AIR at

7.2°H gradient of THERME value = 11.88 Billion INCH / SECOND.

From o•H ICE( SOLID-H2O-CRYSTAL) to o•H WATER( LIQUID-H2O-FLUID) requires 80 x 1.8°H

HI:AT-FREQUENCY value-units as the LATENS HETE-L”NITS to achieve such ‘melt’ of the phases.

Box      1.8°H = 144°H relative THER”IB value needed to liquify that solid-ice yet that water gained no measurable temperature value in reavealing its o0H temperature just as is shown for the ICE-CRYSTAL from whence it came.

144°H HEAT-FREQUENCY VIBRATION-VALUE is the preceding 80 “latent heat units” required to change the H2O ICE-PHASE to its H2O LIQUID-PHASE without changing its measurable THER}IE



ICE-CRYSTAL-SOLID H2O to the upper-limit of its LIQUID-PHASE to where it interfaces with its VAPOR-PHASE( “steam” initiation-point ) wherein both phases are measurable as 18o0H ( 1oo°C = 212°F ) as is 96 HEAT-UNITS( THERMES) above its Maximum-Weight point of 7.2°H

and 18o0H as= loo THERME UNITS above its FREEZE-POINT of o•H. Thus of the 528 “latent­ heat W1its11 required to “BOIL” that 11ICE” of H20 constituency of’ 2 gaseous elements finds 77o.4°H or 428 “latent heat units” have changed-frequency and are no longer measurable as

HETE( “heat” } since they now are out of that portion ASPECTRALE of the whole range of all

vibration frequencies/ wavelengths.

CONVECTIVE-EQUii;BRIUM( HYDRODYNAMICS qv }. In tenns of pure-displacement it is shown that a small


portion of AIR having a HEAT-FREQUENCY value that is ‘hotter• than the AIR-STRATUM it displaces

,,·ill ASCEND, and upon cooling( condensing } will DESCEND. Eventually this ascending or descending

AIR-PORTION will cease it  vertical MOCION( “motion”= 11time” = “dimension” ) in coming to an “AT-REST” mode within an elevation of such enveloping AIR-LAYER as has a WEIGHT( DENSITY) and VIBRATION-FREQUENCY attending AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS constant for both at which period such rela­ tive MOCION for the now undetectable small-portion ceases, yet both indeed still ‘move’.

H20@ AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS #.9o9 192 825 1 = ICE-CRYSTAL-SOLID via an EXPHANDING ratio equal to

1.090 807 174 88 times such #1 AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS of our H20 LIQUID STANDARDS@ 7.2°H•

Kote:/ 11.0123456789o9o 807 174 88 just as surely as
 / 81.00000074.0123456789 ‘arabic numeral series’.

H20 @ AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICt:S of .8 or less is a VAPOR PHASE beyond the 18o0H “STEAl-1” / LIQUID PHASE interface. When less than .8sg such H20 VAPOR-PHASE will levitate vertically through

.8sg AIR MAXIMUM-WEIGHT at 7.2°H THERME gradient of temperature. Note that .8sg AIR@ 7.2°H

prevails ONLY AT 3960 STATUTE MILE elevation off EARTH’S nucleus of maximum-weight within

its loo% ELEKTRON( “electron” ) system comprised of all its 1oojb INVISIBLE AETHERIC-LAYERS as well as its VISIBLE-MANTLE and denser-layers. Then know that H20 through “SUNLIGHT­

VIBRATION” energization shows and EXPHAKDING capacity as levitates it to a mean elevation of 33 Thousand FOOT as= 396 Thousand INCH as= 6.25 Statute Mile and at that elevation

of 3966.25 Statute MILE off nucleus-point a considerably lower value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS

prevails for such H20 VAPOR and equally for any AIR also at that elevation than the .8sg value as prevails at SEA-LEVEL. Thus also below SEA-LEVEL loo% TOWARD that WEIGHT-NUCLEUS the AIR or H20 volume STANDARDS unit would display a far-greater value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS than shown at the SEA-LEVEL where AIR and H20 interface on the .MANTLE of EARTH.

CRITICAL-POI!’/T between H20 LIQUID and VAPOR PHASES find that such PHASES sho”· themselves to be

relatively indistinguishable from each other, therefore this LEVEL can equally be termed its CRITICAL-MASS or CRITICAL-STATE as is just prior to its entering a loojb EXPHAKDING( “expanding” VAPOR-MODE of EXPHA..l\’DING-PHASE which can be “EXPLOSIVE”( at a RAPID-RATE ) or “GENTLE”( at a

SLOW-RATE ) in attending each value gradient of VIBRATIONAL-FREQUENCY of the HEAT-FREQUENCY and of the OTHER-FREQUENCY gradients that so energizes that response via such MOCIO stimulation.

This change of H20 from a PHYSICAL-SOLID( ICE-CRYSTAL) phase to a LIQUID-WATER phase and then to a VAPOR-GAS phase indeed finds that such latter phase is also “PHYSICAL” and that each such

CHA GE of VIBRATIOK FREQUEKCY resulting due to the relative MAGKITt:DE CHASGES occurring finds no relative loss of vibration within either of such MASS phases, hence via RETLrsING such WAVE­

LE GTH values one can again bring them to a relative HEAT-FREQUENCY portion of ASPECTRALE .·hole.

ote also that T+H+E( 33 as= 3+3 = 6 ) x M+E+T+R+I+A( 66 ) = 396 since T+H+E = 2o+8+5 = 33 as

.3+.3 = 6 and since M+E+T+R+I+A = 13+5+2o+18+9+1 = 66 and thus as .6 x 66 = 39.6 “the meter”.

Similarily .6 + .6 + 6 in DEGREES HYDROGRADE = 7.2°H shown for our H20 loo% STANDARDS unit.

66.6°H = HEALTHY HUMAN BODY temperature as also equals 98.6°F as= 37°C since J7% x 18o0H = 66.6°H.

“SPECIFIC-HEAT”( qv) & “LATENT-HEAT” are relative synonyms in view of the foregoing observations.

“HEAT ABSORPTION”( qv ). HEAT-FREQUENCIES optically transiting a relatively-hot exphanding body

•·ill upon then optically transiting a relatively-cold contracted-body tune those frequency / wavelengths to suit the mass-unit it then transits and this relative-change of frequency within the cold-body in no-longer being measurable is assumed to have been ‘absorbed’ yet it too will optically depart such cold-body since all vibration transits all mass gradients of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS interfacing with it.

“FOOT-POUND”( qv “Foot/Lb” ) is the FORCE measurable in POUND AVOIRDUPOIS value scalar at ending AGRAVIDUS ACCELERATION of 1 FOOT per SECOND per SECOND of A POUND AVOIRDUPOIS of MASS through

a vertical FOOT distance. The “FOOT-POUND”= 150 Million ERGONS hence when x 2.78784 ratio= a

‘small’ KALORIE potential.

EXPLODING-SOLIDS Any solid-body having an external value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS greater than that of an internal-nodule will reveal a pressure-balancing interface until all vibration of that solid-body and nodule are of equal-frequency. When the therme gradient of the nodule generates a relative-pressure gradient in excess of the resistance-capacity of its enveloping-crystal-body an explosive-fracture will result and the solid-parts tom-loose will disperse through air at a rate accorded each particle by the HIGH-PRESSURE( + ) on one side and the LOW-PRESSURE( – ) on the opposite side as of ers leastresistance even though the particles may not reveal metastatic­ stability.

So much for the “PHYSICS LESSONS” hence we shall now get back to the ADIATRONS effect.

ADIATRONS( “vortexring11



A          /                                                    A

I                           \



‘           I



§——-                                                                        AIR & H2O LEVEL

FLAK-VIE•= J6o° CIRCULE( 11circle11 )  periphere of ADOME as  pressure-balances against the envel- oping field through which ADIATRONS transit vertically. This PLAN-VIEW is typical of an explosive EXPHANDING( “expanding” ) effect as for an AIR & WATER INTERFACE hence ADOME is shown appearing as a CIRCu1-E looking-down along its exfolding vertical-axis of vortex.

ELEVATION-VIEW Section A-A for all its components shows at the AIR-WATER INTERFACE wherein the pressure of its explosive-initiation of such ADIATRONS formation  shows a slight indentational dished displacement of the water surface as probably results in  a swell-wave at the periphere of that 180• ARC of ADOME having equal-radians that pressure-balances with the interfacing AIR. This A-A Section of ADOME shows its expansional-flux off the explosive-point of initiation to its ARC periphere showing such beginning of evolution exfolding away from its axis-vertical  upward off its point of initiation and thence away omni-radially from its vortex-apex to turn downwardly omni-radially away from that upper-apex of periphere to then flow-inwardly along the base of the ADIATRONS form to complete but 1 of its many potential cycles of such MOCION during each phase of its            upward levitation as agravidus( 1 + Azero + 1 1+1 = 2 ) reaction in forming thus a 360° ROLLER turning about its ARC of J6o• ANGLE as its AXLE CIRCULE about which its resilient-roller


This ROLLER of J6o• in the A-A Section shows as 2 CIRCULES of a single ADIATRONS unit “vortex­ ring” and it should here be noted that low-weight( AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS ) ADIATRONS unit in a high-weight( AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS ) enveloping-field are more probably the form of an OBLATE SPHEROID though with ADOME like interface upper-surface. We take this liberty of  schematic art to show as a “DOUGHNUT-ROLLER” to help convey the flux nature and pattern of its mass-fo-:-m though its  surface “‘·ill probably be wavy due to  variables in such pressure balancing gradients.



A+D+I+A+T+R+O+N+S( lol = 1 + Azero + 1 = 1+1 ) x E+V+O+L+U+T+I+O+N( 1)2 =                                                                + J + 2) = 66 and is

the “LEVITATING-BIJrlBLE” form of “VORTEX-RIKG” of MASS AETHERIC that shows a manner of UNROLL( 92

= 9+2 = 1+1 ) x ING( J + Azero ) = J+J  ¢ of its sectioned-bubble form with A+W+H+O( 66 = 6+6 12 = 1+2 = J) + R+L( J + Azero ) = JJ              ¢ symmetry to each-side as ADOME 2 along its axis­

vertical of AWHORL effect.

For purpose of example let our levitating-bubble of ADIATRONS form represent a volatile unit of formerly .8 AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS atmosphere AIR which became volatile via having focally intro­ duced to it a LATENS HETE value of HEAT-FREQUENCY VIBRATION-WAVELENGTHS in thus causing those ‘heavy-air molecules’ to exhibit an EXPHANDING response as thus is its volatile reaction. With such levitating-bubble having its point of origin at the horizontal-interface shown between the

.Bsg atmospheric-base and 1sg water-surface level, that EXPHANDING-AIR of our ADIATRONS unit is first ADONE of PRESSURE generally ‘hemispheric’ in nature which when having a potential .792sg representing 99% the .Bsg initial gradient of AGRAVIDUS-SPECIFICUS( sg) shows a due rate of levitational response in being ‘that much lighterthan its enveloping-air hostbody of .8sg.

Since the physical-restraint force acting upon our ADIATRONS II pressure-dome11 is the least force directly vertical of its apex along such vertical-axis-path toward the .792sg level of the envel­ oping atmosphere acting as the ADIATROKS “CO TAIKER” such ADIATRONS unit is “SQUEEZED” to move

in that upward direction as the relative ‘path of least resistance’.

This levitating-bubble then literally immediately develops into the ADIATRONS EVOLUTIOK form exfolding omni-radially about its apex while infolding omni-radially about its base apex as is crudely shown by the preceding drawings. ADIATRONS literally “ROLL UPWARD” in this case in first having PRESSURINGLY-DISPLACED its atmospheric-envelope via such PRESSURE-BALA._ CING. A\\H’.JRL is thus to each-side of its axis-vertical as though a 2-fold system of AWHORL some,,hat appearing as a “DOUGHNUT-ROLLER” having a “TIGHT-VORTEX” at each end when looking at the whole as our ADIATROXS EVOLUTION= 66 comprised of 2 ‘halves’ of JJ each,

Mind again that these graphic illustrations are but practical rough representatio s or such ADIATROKS levitating-bubbles. ie: Its vortex pattern along its axis may not be as ‘open’ as dra\-.TI and  the  ‘doughnut’ shape may be  more spherical or more oblate-spheroidal , and surely

when the idealized form of uniform-pressure gradients of itself are irregular though of’ a

general symmetry and when its enveloping atmospheric pressure gradients are irregular as they

.-ould be in a normally turbulent atmosphere, then the ADIATRONS external-form would be even

more 1irregular’ than as drawn though still of a symmetry for excellent utulization.


-•-   = TUNED-VIBRATION nucleonic-point within our ADIATRONS levitating-bubble “vortex-ring” to

/ 1′  which point we’d direct the FREQUENCY/ WAVELENGTH value of VIBRATION that would control its relative degree of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS as thus would ‘CHANGE’ the volumetric-magnitude of such “bubble” as has a direct arithmetically-proportional effect upon its “ACCELERATION OF GRAVITY” rate of levitation through its atmospheric-container as has a greater value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS acting upon it  as thus controls its vertical MOCION( “motion”= “time”= “dimensionin such vertical sense of observation from a point relatively-fixed within that enveloping­ atmosphere. Such “TUNABLE-POINT” as our ADIATRONS “NUCLEUS” within such levitating-bubble AETHERIC can only be accomplished from a source external of that ADIATRONS unit along its AXIS-VERTICAL hence such accomplishment must be OPTICAL wherein the 11TUNING-APPARATUS11  can not only FOCALIZE

via a CONICAL-RAY but also alter the FREQUENCY/ WAVELENGTH of the VIBRATIONS-“COSMIC” so being used. Further, to maintain such relationship               with the base-unit of a series ol ADIATRONS placement in A-ETHERIC-SPACE such “TtmING-DEVICE” must be a:>le to move ahead upward of that

THEREFORE of our ADIATROKS effect of VORTICAL-ROLL of AETHERIC-MASS through an enveloping field of AETHERIC-MASS, the IMPERATIVE IS to “Tl.IKE” the frequency of vibration within our ADIATRONS unit to its 100% EXPHA..'<DIKG “PRESSURE” REACTIOK RESPONSE to that vibration-gradient used as gives us that AETHERIC-LEVITATING MASS-MOCIOK via its VORTICAL-ROLLING upward through its enveloping atmosphere at a rate gradient as is arithmetically proportional to the degree of such “TUNED­ FREQUENCY” used to so cause the ADIATRONS effect of response, and at a rate gradient as thus is

arithmetically-proportional to the degree of a value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS attending both these

ADIATRONS and its enveloping-field as a “DIFFERENTIAL’of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS as is the cause of such MOCION response,

When we compute such DISPLACEMENT-LIFT POTENTIAL of this levitating-mass of ADIATRONS effect we can then readily appreciate its “POUNDAL VALUE” of FORCE or its “PROPULSION-THRUST” FORCE in RATE equivalency which we can now prepare to utilize in 2 distinctly different manners.

1 way is to relatively encapsulate some of’ it                within the hull of our ‘ARC’ CRAFT design of symmetry as will thus make it relatively-weightless in displacing the enveloping-atmosp ere wherein our ‘ARC’ craft is a relative form of ADOME( ‘cup’ by analogy as preceding) with its

access aperture facing downward along the vertical axis of such ‘ARC’ craft which therefore has its rim-circule 9o0 or perpendicular to its vertical-axis.

1 other way is as above except now using an excess of exphanding mass within the hull so tha it  overflows some of its levitatingmass which via even diffusion over the base symmetry of our ‘ARC’ craft also will PUSH( + ) upward against that base of’ the hul,l in sympathy with the

internal ADIATRONS PUSH( + ) upward against the inner upper-surface of such ‘ARC’ hull, As this

‘overflow’ of levitating mass moves about the ‘ARCsymmetry of form it will ‘close-in’ about its vertical-axis in forming another gradient that will act as a PULL( – ) against the upper­ surface ol the ‘ARC’ hull which also symmetrically interfaces with such initial-overhead ADIATRON’S effect of “vortex-ring”. This therefore acts to move an already relatively- weightles ‘ARC’ craft wherein that POUNDAL-VALUE having been ‘cancelled’ now finds all other ADIATRONS interfacing with the craft are translating into the RATE of MOCION f’or such ‘ARC’

craft as thus accelerates it propulsionally as a portion of its potential levitational control which can be from a “hover” to a “rapid-rate” mo:i.e of ‘being’ within aetheric space of mass.

ISOBAR is along an A-A

SECTIO!’i-PLAKE,                                        ISOBARIC ENVELOPE@,792 SG






evidence a maximal AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS “DIFFEREKTIAL” for those 2 FORCE-GRADIENTS which gives it acquisition ol its ultimate rate of’ mobility through aetheric mass( matter= space) wherein all pressure differentials are equating to a balanced-mode which force accelerates the ‘ARC’ disposed belo,, such ADIATROKS and follo,,ing them along their axis-of-mocion while our ‘ARC• expresses metastatic stability as an optimally efficient “FLUID MOBILE” or “AETHER MOBILE” which in this latter mode of •trim’ and propulsion shall acquire velocity-gradients that will exceed the

AGRAVIDUS ACCELERATION RATE accorded our H20 object transit of our AIR envelope which rate

6JJ6 THOUSAJ\”D INCH per HOUR :for each 9 SECOND duration of the AGRAVIDUS SPECIFCUS .2 “differential” maintenance, Therefore when that duration of MOCION = 60,75 MILLION SECONDS that craft for that condition will attain a 675 MILLION ‘MPH’ RATE of MOBILITY as is “LIGHT FREQUENCY” RATE in its

tra sit of ,8sg AIR, thus in 7oJ,125 EARTH-DAYS of 86400 SECONDS each such ‘ARC’ would attain

a rate of 675 MILLION ‘MPH’, Therefore it stands that as your ‘ARC’ design can sustain a greater “DIFFERENTIAL” than .2 AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS its rate acquisition would exceed “LIGHT FREQUENCY” RATE TRAJi:SIT o:f • 8 AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS shown :for AIR standards,

C2H2 ACETYLEc\E can issue a practical flame value of 60000H yet is does not exhibit the flame­ penetration facility the H20 OXY-HYDROGEN flame value does. Further, this OXY-ACETYLENE

system burns Carbon and leaves a soot residue whereas the 2H

o OXY-HYDROGEN f’lame only


precipitates clear clean H20( ‘water’ ) which may well prove useful in the ‘ARC’ application via its condensationalbeading ef’fects on the inner and outer-hull surlaces to both keep it

relatively cool by that FLUID-PHASE of WATER and to maintain some degree o:f “WAVE-TIJKIJ\G”

of another THER lE  value than shown for AIR molecular-wavelengths “TUNING”, Further C2H2 ACETYLE!i:E is “PRESSURE SENSITIVE” and requires complex safety bottling-handling to attempt precluding explosive reactions within its containers, and the OXY-HYDROGEN parts until mixed at the bum-nozzle do not appear to be as dangerous. In fact our jewelers use

OXY-HYDROGEN flames in their work with many metals and the metal working industry itself in many cases use OXY-HYDROGEN flame devices preferentially over OXY-ACET11.,Eri:E torches.

Presumably a SERIES of’ OXY-HYDROGEN “BLOWPIPE-BURXERS” could be ring-mounted to aim at an APEX­ FOC.\_L yielding a large-base circule of the resulting ADIATROJ\S effect as would giYe optimal Pt:LI,( – ) interface with our ‘ARC.’ craft,

Manned versions of this ‘ARC’ craft will eventually use “SUNLIGHT”( “COSMIC VIBRATIO’i” ) for its energy source which can thus be OPTICALLY TUNED from ,.-ithin the •ARC’ craft to achieve any

of its multif’acted purposes of ALIFE support system maintena_,ce through to environmentalcontrol and propulsion — at gradient values far in exc:ess of any “PUKY CHEMICAL BURN TUNING” effort this book now proposes for your first prototype ‘ARC’ as should be RADIO-CONTROLLED until you can most throughly acquaint yourself’ with this phenomenon-mobility abounding throughout all

nature at every magnitude of its reference spatial of the loo% UNIVERCI. ThesE’”COSMIC-VIBES” are the “ULTIMATE PROPULSIONAL POWER SOURCE” and of course are q·.1i te FREE to those who find ALL understanding about them and their ‘manipulationfor those brief periods of ‘applicational- use’ mankind can put them to, including ‘illwnination’ and ‘heat’ or ‘health-care’ and ‘growing­ of crops’, etc. In this latter mode ‘AB.C’ craft will NOT “CARRY” any FUEL nor “ENERGY SOURCE” and thus being sans “chemical burn” while it ‘hitches a ride’ on ADIATRONS of the natural abundant            uel external while not chemically altering it  will thus non-destructively permit

our rapid-transiting of most portions of our loo% UNIVERCI in protecting it as the “GARDE!'< OF

EDEK” in  all its natural abundance for  all forms of  a lile within it.

A.’H  SOLID( CRYSTAL PHASE ) can be brought to a FLUIDIC( GASEOUS PHASE                                                                and ANY FLUIDIC-PHASE

of MASS can be brought to an AETHERIC-PHASE of vastly greater magnitude of VOLUME as an INCREASE over the SOLID-PARTICLE VOLUME of its initiation-phase. Each such transition from phase to phase offers an ACCELERATION POTENTIAL in due proportion to the fluudity and volumetric-expansion accorded via that particle going through such phases of •being’. Each can be :further “TlliED” f’or even greater exphanding rate and volume potential realization via “IN-PHASE TUNING” as amplifys

the result wherein each ensuing phase reveals AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS as is appreciably lower than

the preceding phase had.

Any “DIFFERENTIAL” shown as AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS between interfacing mass units of symmetry such as shown for ‘ARC’ “SPACE CRAFT” and its ADIATRONS will serve as the propulsional force &  can accelerate the metacentrically stable 1ARCcraft in due arithmetic proportion to the relative “POUNDAL-UNIT” represented by such ADIATRONS it creates both within and without its hullmass, and such “POUNDAL-UNIT11  sans the ‘dead-weight’ of the ‘ARC’  cra:f”t represents its POTENTIAL RATE ACQUISITION as its propulsion-rate,


SURFACE of CONE as= 50% the 49.5 SQUARE-UKITS of ADOME’S PLANE-CIRCLE STANDARDS as shown earlier. Thus 2!i.75 such SQUARE-Dl\”IT COKE “CIRCLE” SURFACE x COKE-AXIS of 2.800 142 853 = 69.JoJ 535 64

Units3 “CYLIKDER VOLUME” which / J ratio ,<ill find 2J.1o1 178 55 Units3 CONE VOLUME statement. Thus ADOME-‘SEGMEXT’ VOLD!E of 32,67 CnitsJ less 2J.1ol 178 55 Units) of such a CONE VOLUME=

9.568 821 45 Units) ARC-PORTIOK VOLUME of such ADOME-‘SEGMEKT’ which we tend today to term a SPHIRE-SEG !EXT.

ADO !E thus sho- having its ARC-SURFACE equated to an ISOSKELES TRIANGLE display of its 78.125 SQUARE-UKITS SURFACE displays off its horizontal baseline an upward angle off either baseline terminal equal to 1000 / .6336 MINUTE( ‘ ) gradient hence the 2 such angles shown for this GORE or GABLE so ‘flattened’ = 1000 / .3168 MINUTE( ‘ ) gradient of angularity.

1000 / .6336• = the ASCENDING and= the DESCENDING ANGLE shown as the “PASSAGE ANGLE” within the

CHEOPS “GREAT PYRAMID” of the EGYPTIANS site of “dGizas” pronounced and spelled JESUS “dJESUS” and as surely their 1 / .3168 = J,156 565 6.l§. “pi-ratio” just as .6336 x their pyramid width = their pyramid vertical axis height shown for its apex, as .6336 ratio x 18o0  ANGLE ARC surface of their CIRCULE equalled its 7.92 “diameter” when that ARC= 12.5 value statement of dimencion.

looo / .6336• = ANGLE off E-W or N-S baselines of the WASHINGTON, D.C. 6336 Hundred INCH per side boundary lines of its loo% ASQUARRE( “A Square”                      in revealing to our senses then those angles of looo / .6336• accorded by the AXIS lines of the ARLINGTON MEMORIAL BRIDGE, COK’NECTICUT AVEKUE, XE1, YORK AVEKUE and PEKl\”SYLVAKIA AVENUE. This boundary having its “DIAG0″1ALS” tangent •·i th E-,-

“- X-S baselines as the base of an “AIR PYRAMID” loo% INVISIBLE would be with 6.336 STATUTE MILE apex-height fairly directly over the WASHINGTON MONUMENT OBELUS( “obelisk” )• Further, this

looo / .6336• ANGLE is reiterated by the building architecture as the WASHINGTON, D.C. Temples to GOD determined via that 1972 A.D. logic arithmetic of its founders. Such 1000 / .6336• ANGLE is shown via the GABLE TRIANGLE-PAl\ELS VERTICAL of such buildings as our CAPITOLIUM( ‘Capitol’ ), WHITE HOUSE, JEFFERSON MEMORIAL and NATIONAL GALLERY of ART. The same GABLE proportion is very prevalent on the buildings of our state capitols and of our tmiversity and college buildings of our loo% EDUKATION( “education” ) facilities.

1000 / .6336• A. GLE of such GORE of such GABLE attending such ADOME arithmetic logic is shown on The Ancient DORIC, BOROQUE and REKAISSA. CE Temples to GOD as well as a much earlier Temple to GOD sho, in a :facade relief-cut into the face of a desert rock-outcrop in SAUDI ARABIA as is dated for a period well before that we now attribute to the birth of christ JESUS, and this same logic was celebrated by loo% SCHOLARES( “scolars” ) at about 6000 b.c. by The Ancient Egyptians at their JES S site of the pyramids and sphinx, etc. Similarily this same arithmeticlogic and its attending physics was enjoyed well and used extensively by the TEOTIHUICA.i’\ pyramid builders of lexico,,,hose SCHOLARES ranged north”·ard and south”·ard through the 2 American continents just as

their eas ern counterparts ranged all over that hemisphere such as through India, China, Japan and Russia as well as the South Pacific islands, etc.

IKAt:TIO’>( loo% “I Caution” ) YOU. Since the GRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS “DIFFERENTIAL” of PULL( – ) &

PUSH( + ) “PRESSURE” gradients is the single directional FORCE that acts to propel your ‘ARC’ craft I urge you ta study all the needs carerully so as to establish your craft’s design parameters carefully concerning your initial model of prototype nature so as to preclude any excessive-force or rnocion-acquisition and its attendant eff’ect before you are mentally “trmed” to totally “handle” the results with full safety.

The foregoing concerning your computation of ADOME-‘SEGMENT” displacement-volwne needs for your RADIO-CONTROLLED ‘ARC• MODEL PROTOTYPE should consider the fact that with too much efficient propulsion such craft can all too quickly move well out of your SfGHT-ABILITY to control it via the REMOTE RADIO CONSOLE on the ground — and of course similarily a design that is too inefficient may not even ‘get off the ground’. When you first attempt to control such ‘ARC’ craft mobility in the lower atmospheric gradients of air you will have to “TUNE” yourself to the art and skill of “FLYING” this craft which in a “WIND TUNNEL” model would be moving relat­

ively WITH-THE-• ND rather than THROUGH-THE-WIND as shown for our present-day aircraft flight and wherein the ‘ARC’ craft when ‘planing’ is thereby–moving off the vertical axis of such WITH-THE-WIXD propulsion force movement revealing its horizontal effect of directional control in being able to thus move through an atmospheric-layer that itself acts as WIND where it does interface with our earth’s ground-level surface, hence in this latter sense the ‘ARC’ moves into the WIKD and through the WIND of such atmospheric-layer which itself is really relatively calm internally and shows only maximum wind disturbance effect at ground-level interfacing.


The f’ollowing are some of’ the graphic-illustrations of’ the FLUID-MOBILE Patent Applicant showing both toy and manned-f’light aspects of’ it:


FICES “FISH” MOBILE                                  ‘ARC’ CRAFT ‘SPACE-SHIP’

The toy-f’ish is of’ very supple f’luidic-plastic having its backbone zone longitudinally-rilled

,cith lo.·-weight and thus buoyant-beads. The belly-zone longitudinally is rilled .·ith high-,,eight beads as are heavier than •·ater. These 2 bead gradients of’ weight along with the supple-plastic of’ which the fish is molded f’orm a unit-weight in displacement terms as is expressive of the

same value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICt:S as is the H20 enveloping it. Thus this fish assumes a ‘live’

posture upon displacing water while not sinking in that water nor protruding above 11:s surlace. Thus with the indicated “IMPLANT-MAGNETIC” ZONE as a ferrous or ‘magnetically attracted’ material our fish will ‘SWIM’ in obeying ELECTROMAG “ETIC PARTICLE ACCELERATOR patterns of flux just as our ‘ARC’ ‘SPACE-SHIP’ will via the more AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS flux patterns.

The ‘ARC’ CR FI ‘SPACE-SHIP’is sho- as ADO IE Sectioned through its vertical-axis centerline to its ARC of RIM CIRCVl…E( 11circle11 ) so that you can see its cantilevered beams off’ its RIM FOL”XDATIO:-: STRlJCTllIB. This is a relatiYely-closed system of BUOYANCY manipulation with auto-

matic venting ou-cward and inward :for the ascent or descent ‘trim’ modes of’ such “gravity-control”. This venting is peripheral about the command-cylinder wherein the sleeve that interfaces with it Yia the inner-tips of the cantileveredbeams  rides in either pressure-balancing direction sho“n via the arro1,;s to permit egress or access via a fluted-groove series in the surface of’ the cyl­ inder. Thus our Hl.LL cannot explode or implode via such internal-pressure changes. The above vie”­ sho.·s its CE:-:TER of DISPLAC!:MENT-VOLUME as well as its CENTER-of-GRAVITY. The follo,;ing drawings

schematically sho,.,.· a gimballed carriage within the cylindrical command module wherein any X Y

t · •  

translation of the position of such CG via the gimball order frictionally translates that shift into HULL ATTITUDE CHA. GE as its ’tilt’ for planing whether upward planing or downward planing, yet no matter the hull attitude the floor platform level of the carriage remains horizontal ,<ith respect to being relatively parallel to a sea-level of a planet-nucleu5-surf’ace below the 1ARC’ craft.






Text Box: NODULE


j’,  ,


I         Gl!’tBAL

The Chaleki component schematics are as rollo s:




“‘ / HOL£-jn-ROD to

·KrTER-Fun • to

th• BURNER” vie

MI:CKAJ,i] CAL-co [C’Tlo ·

rvEL-Ll (


..,1th “SEfi\‘0MJ:CHA JS!it.

The  “BLO\,PIPE-Bl”R ER” is  sho”n above and its  “METER”  is  controlled  via  linkage to the  ‘RC’  uniT. This schematic does not sho anyaccess or oxygen for such comubustioncontrol, hence this will be something you’d have to design into the scheme to sust:ain “burn” as required.

Typical ‘RC’ SERVO- IECHAXIS I uni ts ….-ould generally look like the f’ollowing outline dra,dngs as represent ELEVATIO); and PLA:-1 vie …·.s  of’  such unit order. Check your hobby shops f’or details.

Your RADIO-CHAMBER and  your BATTERY-POWER f’or its  !’unction and its WIRING to the  SERVO-MECHA.’\IS IS

must: also be considered.

SERVO-MECHA..’GSM unit is about 1. 5 x 1. 5 x • 75 IKCH weighing about • 75 to 1. 25 OlJNCE AVOIRDt:POIS and it  can develop about 112 OIDICE AVOIRDUPOIS of’ FORCE. As many as 8 SERVO-MECHANISM units may be employed in  the  ‘ARC’  design should you ever require  8simultaneous  functions thus of’ control.


vhich RO’tATES to actu.ate connectin& “linkages”,


r—-:=———- –..  

ROTATES to actuat<” all

connectinc linkage .

Thia,,, •”9o

  • _ t1;1 the above vi•v.

box 1 x Z x Z II\CH as uses a J6 INCH ‘tuning-wire antenna’ and this RADIO RECEIVER is comprised of a modulator, decoder, crystal oscillator, buffer and amplifier. The receiver is selectively ‘locked-in‘ on a signal-frequency sent by  the ground-based transmitter and the normal range of

frequencies( vibrations/ wavelengths ) is be ween 26& 27 million per second and 7Z & 75 million-cycles/ second as its ‘megahertz/ second’ rating scalar. Thus the radio-pulse·is ‘carried’ by that wave  rem the transmitter to the receiver which ‘decodes’ that signal and acts accordingly to signal-energize the appropriate SERVO-MECHA. ISM converting that signal-pulse into work which moves the control system. Each SERVO threfore responds to a different Radio-Wave value of pulse. Each SERVO MECHANISM is made up of an amplifier and potentiometer which upon receipt of the radio-signal generates an electric-current which drives its motor and thus its

gears in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction according to the command-pulse. The

potentiometer matches the current of the motor with an opposite and equal current which effectively ‘cancels’ the motor-drive force to thus arrest the control-motion at any desired position. These SERVO SYSTEMS react within .5 SECONDS of time and are highly sensitive to your control-stick movements of command. The SERVO UNIT drives a SERVO-ARM which will PULL or PUSH a cable or lever linkage system attached to a craft’s component used f’or its  flight-control.













.6336                          ALL FORM

I                        1


I                        I



© I984 R.J.Benson 1

The above illustrations reveal that ALL FORM animate and inanimate are inextricably-locked to the

.6JJ6 series-order of arithmetic proportionality., therefore within the next two pages of this book we shall attempt to briefly though accurately acquaint you with the precise “MATH” that attends ALL things microcosmic to macrocosmic in nature. This arithmetic exercise instruction

is  also shown with the equation fonnats you were employing in your educational exercises of the schools you attended through to post-graduate work of the universities, and therefore throughout all the science branches.



C w




m< )+3) X (                                6.6) = 39.6 Of’

(        6.6 ) x LOGARITHMS( 1+2+2 = 5 ) = 3+3 Of’ ALL NATURE

.6336X1.578 282 828
.3168X3.156 565 62§_
1584X6.313 131 3.1..J.
.0792X12.626 262 626
.0396X25.252 525 2


RATE= SECONDS / .09 when RATE = MILE-STATUTE per HOUR= ‘mph’ f’or “Gravity Acceleration” STA.>lDARDS.

2 BILLION-SECONDS/ 63.36  = THE MEAN EARTH-ORBIT period of’ 31 565 656.2§_ SECONDS duration during

EARTH’S EQUINOX-PRECESSION-CYCLE of’ 26136 EARTH-ORBITS of’ MOCION( “motion” = 11time11 = 11dimension” ).


.636 619 772 4     X                1.570 796 326 5                    .062

•318 3o9 886 2     X                3.141 592 6.53                     • 314

.1.59 154 943       X              6.283 18.5 306                      •1.57

.o79 577 471 55    X            12.566 370 612                      .o78

.o39 788 735 775 25.131 741 224                       .o39

TSU CHUNG CHUO ( China 480 A.D. ) is credited by THE NEW CAXTON ENCYCLOPEDIA ( Published 1969 ) as having measured EARTH’S ORBIT to be 31 415 926 SECONDS which must have led to the Leibnitz and the Nevton adoption later of 11PI-RATI011 J.141 592 6 for their “diameter” conversion to “periphery” concerning the “circle”.

It  is  quite obvious that both the “logarithmic-tables” shown :for the “NEWTONIAN PI-RATIO METER” and the presently-used “INTERNATIONAL METER” are in SERIOUS-ERROR since they do not conform to THE METRIA of’ ALL NATURE’S BASETEN LOGARITHMS shown above in The Ancient 100% TREOW( “true” ) table­ logarithmic wherein such humble work starts its cognition with .6336 loo% NUHMBERS( “numbers” ).

The above drawing shows that .6336 ratio x “half-circle arc” of’ 12.5 = 2×3.96 DIAMETTRIA( “diam­

eter” ) since the 360• ANGLE ARC of’ such CIRCUL( 66 ) = ALL(                                                            25 )•

63.36 THOUSAND-INCH I 16       3960 INCH as                                 “SIXTEENTH-MILE”

63.36 THOUSAND-INCH I     8       7920 INCH as                         “EIGHTH-MILE”

63.36 THOUSAND-INCH I     4      15840 INCH as                         “QUARTER-MILE”

63.36 THOUSAND-INCH I     2                31680 INCH as                         “HALF-MILE”

6J.J6 THOUSAND-INCH I               6JJ6o INCH as                                STATUTE MILE

6J.J6 INCH = loo% ROMANISCH( “Roman”    + 100% PASSUUC( 11paces” ) or “2 PACES ROMAN” hence

1000 ROMANISCH PASSUUC = 63360 INCH per STATUT( 110 ) + MILIA( 44 ) = 154 as 1+5+4 = 1 +

Azero = loo% “STATUTE MILE” of’ ALL NATURE under 1 GOD.


During the first 12 orbits of SELF EMPLOYMENT Dick Benson, without financial recompense, served the Civic needs of his community and County on local and County boards concerning Planning Development. Benson later became a Councilman of this Borough and during the following Primary Election opposed the incumbant Mayor and missed that Primary by 6 votes.

Immediately following the aforementioned business reversal and its deep financial loss Dick and Pauly Benson continued their personal professional interests from a one room situation vithin the home of one of their three children. Thus SELF EMPLOYMENT continued unabated except nov in a seem­ ingly different direction wherein ADAVANCED MOBILITY ASSOCIATES gave way to AR.AM SCOLE and then to

1 ARA.M CHURCHE identity by which Dick and Pauly Do Business As knowing that Proceed8 will yield growth potential and Profit while keeping Dick’s mandate of God concerning his reaeearcher efforts and self-published writings that evolve out of his earlier works as ttBREAKTHROUGHS” concerning “MATHEMATICS” and “PHSYICS” in this E+X+T+R+A( 66 = 6 / 6 ) O+R+D+I+N+A+R+Y( loo= l+Azero+Azero =

) “unity” work of his via such ORDAINMENT BY GOD.

ie: The Mathematics and Physics Law involved in Benson’s studies progressed liberally from Elementary through College school levels, then through USAF PILOT TRAINING as concerns aerodynamics, ballistics, navigation and propulsion, then later via Benson’s MOBILE Invention-Patent efforts.

All of this naturally led Benson to the most-serious most-worthy present efforts developed through an approximate 6 orbit period of total dedication during which period the only humble supporting income was earned by his partner-wife Pauly who again served as a Registered Nurse so that her income could nurture their minimal living needs along with the work of ARAM CHURCHE. Soon following

over JJ International Copyrighted ‘papers• issued which led Benson into consolidating that data

into 4 Internationally Copyrighted books titled loo% INTELLECT, ATLANTEANS 33 MATH, WORLD’S OLDEST 33 MAP and AETHERIC “PARTICLE ACCELERATOR”. These books embrace some 864,ooo well illust­ rated words of text expressed in terms that any dilligent-student, according to the student’s

Need-To-Know, can find total understanding for its most practical applicational uses. The perception development of Benson recognizes “MATHEMATICS” and 11PHSYICS11 LAW in its simplest and most precise ALL NATURAL format hence the work is understandable to any student or instructor not mentally­ blocked by having accepted by ROTE( memory alone ) as lesser discipline.

A LIFE of Dick Benson therefore appears totally and solidly supportive of SELF-EDUKATION 11powers0 of deductive reasoning as was progressively enhanced via each step of his formal instruction within the neducation11 facilities of Public Schools as well as within Commerce and Industry and his Military Service experiences.

21 JULY 1944 Benson piloted his FIRST COMBAT MISSION in a 4-Engine B-24 Liberator-Bomber with the 8th Air Force 2nd Division’s 392nd Bomb Group. Suffering severe battle damage this craft required that Benson bring its ten man crew safely back over a course of about 900 statute

miles while ‘flying blind’ in thick cloud cover while lacking all navigation equipment function. Benson thus flew ‘blind’ between cloud layers obscuring his damaged craft from the enemy above and below. With scarcely a drop of fuel remaining Dick broke out of the clouds safely crash­ landing 9 11miles” inland of’ the coastline of the English Channel. Had Benson operated 11BY THE BOOK” and “ROTE” alone surely this craft would never have returned to England. This testifies

to Benson’s ability to perceive via deductive reasoning powers that which most people cannot see.

Anyone supportive of FREE INQUIRY should support this ARAM CHURCHE work as a “LOGIC BREAKTHROUGH” of great value to our most vital efforts concerning survival through the personal development of all people. Such people should make themselves known and offer assistance — particularily during the next several orbits of this Divine Knowledge Presentment to members of the overall Body-Socio of this our PLANET-EARTH.

An example of how to be supportive would be the simple purchasing of a quantity of this WORLD•S OLDEST 33 MAP book to be given to your immediate friends and to those people within the sphere of influence embracing the loo% E+D+U+K+A+T+I+O+N( 11education” ) of members of your family and your neighbors. This would enable them to learn on their own in thus developing their “CONCIOUS AWARENESS” to a level hithertofore unobtainable to

anyone. Well disciplined people through SELF EDUKATION in this broadest concept can do no harm to any person by virtue of committing such act or by omission due to ignorance.





The primary objective or this book is to clarif’y the AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATOR phenomenon as attends ALL MOCION( 11motion” = “timeu = “dimension” ). It would assist all understanding by  the reader to study this author’s book ATLANTEMS 33 MATH since this is the simple mathematics that attends all natural relationships or proportionality and the gradients or the physical mod s of all IASS( =Matter= Space ) f’rom its heaviest to lightest conditions within a given standards unit of volume hence also when such volume units are condensed or expanded as causes the MOCION discernable between a relatively f’ixed point within a non-moving f’ield enveloping that moving portion of’ such f’ield constituency or another constituency of’ its makeup.

This lOCION phenomenon attends all magnitudes of spatial rererence rrom the macrocosmic to the microcosmic portions or all MASS and thus attends all compounds and elements round within a lif’e or inert order or such classif’ication, hence NOTHING IS EXEMPT concerning such MOCIOK phenomenon, The RATE of’ MOCIOK is due to A GRAVIDUS( “A Gravity” ) SPECIFICUS( “Speciric” ) dirferential

shoM bet een the moving particle and the field it  transits in its search for an ‘at rest’ mode of relative-pressure balancing as a NEUTRALI( 11neutral” ) specif’ic-gravity at which “time” the MOCIOK ceases for such particle within such ESSENSS( “essence” ) wherein all such portions of field andparticle are of equal ,,.-eighin  such A STA!\DARDS “2  part volume” cubicconstant  mode of  vieYdng  comparison wherein  this particle exhibits a state of relative weightlessness  ,,dt::hin such enveloping f’ield.

ARC   Acronym !’or AERODYKANIC REACTIVE CRAFT or AVIONIC REACTIVE CRAFT hence ARC is perhaps a better suited term than UFO, particularily once we have built and f’lown an ARC.

l’FO  Acrony,n !’or Unidentiried Flying Object since while observers have round them to be either landed( immobile ), lirting-orr, hovering or while maneuvering through 90° or greater angle turns, yet we have not been able to identif’y them or their pilots.

:-.atural AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS permit our read;· observation of’ AGRA\”IDt.:S SPECIFICUS linear value gradient of rate for such visible or invisible particles whether they move dott-n,,;ard or up,,ard as either “gravidly” or “levitatingly” as A TIME MACHINE via such ADIATRONS ef’fect or the acting AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS loo% ENTITE( “entity” ) which total f’orm and its cause and ef’f’ect are not always visually perceptible to us.

See November 8, 1976 issue or DESIGN NEWS ( page 38 & 39 ) and see the November 1976 issue or SOARING ( page 2) or The Soaring Society or America concerning ARC design and its mobility !’or which Application for International Patent has been addressed to the Commissioner of Patents,

W.D.C. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED by this Author/ Inventor who with his wif’e and business-partner ‘Paulydo business as AR.AM CHURCHE in the publishing and marketing of such work( s                                                                                                                                                                         ). Portions of’ this book are excerpted f’rom Author’s books loo% INTELLECT, ATLANTEANS 33 MATH and WORLD’S OLDEST 33 MAP of’ ATLANTEANS as Internationally Copyrighted during 1979 through 1984 A.D.


@ 1984 A,D. RICHARD J.  “Dick” BENSON c/o A.RAM CHURCHE 4227-2 Walker Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28211

ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED with respect to the pertinent drawings as well as the text. Anyone

wishing to reprint any portion of this work must formally secure permission from its  Author.

ADIATRONS being preceded by such ‘HEAVIER-MASS FALL’ as a relative ‘HIGH-PRESSURE’ balancing


Another hydrodynamic text case shows that a puff of smoke-laden air when forced out of a small

circle-hole in the side of a box via having its  elastic backside panel pressuringly tapped, sho’\\·s

hat upon such exiting an ADIATRONS effect is formed within the air enveloping that box of its origin. Such smoke-laden air portion as the puff departing that box circle-hole acquires its vortical-roll about its ROLLER-AXIS via the effects of that pressure induced by the tap of the elastic-back panel of that box, Such force follows the axial-path of least-resistance as is through the center of the circle-hole in the side of the box while simultaneously the circle­ edge of that hole offers maximal resistance to the escaping mass-puff of air into the clear air enveloping it and the box, Both momentary force-value impartations to the escaping-puff unit induces its rolling response as is sustained somewhat by  the similar peripheral-resistance of its interfacing hith the air outside the box. Each such escaping-puff is pressuringly condensed by the restricting–circle aperture and this condensation relatively increases the specific­ gravity of that puf’l-portion of air and as it passes the circle-hole restraint it enjoys a pressure-release when its specific-gravity resumes its norm via having pressurebalanced with

a like specific-gravity gradient of its enveloping-air-field surrounding our still vorticing­ roll puff-unit which ADIATROKS now laterally-displaces via its omni-radial roll-force the relatively-weightless air-field ‘particles’ forward of such ADIATRONS form in thus peripherally­ compressing such displaced air-field which soon relatively-releases such passing-wave pressure caused by the ADIATRONS puff-unit transit along its MOBILITY-AXIS.

This smoke-laden example of ADIATRONS when meeting the edge of a panel interposing its plane aligned with the ADIATRONS MOBILITY-AXIS shows that such ring-portions upon having passed the rean,ard-edge of’ the panel will rejoin without apparent loss of form or velocity. This smoke­ laden ADIATRONS form advances along such MOBILITY-AXIS of its AXIS-of’-FORCE for a considerable distance in microcosmic terms before dissipating as its final act of pressurebalancing when it is in relative equilibrium Kith its envelopingfield as a state of tat-rest’ for  hese 2 units of mass shown for this experiment.

A sharp small-circular-orfice breath-of’-air from your mouth will initiate the ADIATROKS phenom­ enon as an invisible vortexring which will roll through its invisible enveloping air-field for a distance. This ring diameter and thus volume upon a pressurebalancing attainment after its

formation ,.ill be of a greater magnitude reference than shown for the preceding ADIATRONS effects

since this clearmodel will have had before initiation a lower specific-gravity gradient than he  external air outside the mouth. This therme gradient of vibration gives that low specific­ gravity air a relative-pressure due to the exphanding( ”expanding” ) reaction caused by such therme-gradient internally. Until this differential of specif’ic-gravity between the ADIATRONS unit and its enveloping external air-field are ‘balanced’ such ADIATRONS will vectoringly levitate at a rate in due arithmetic proportion accorded by that specific-gravity differential then existing between the enveloping-field and the ring-portion of the ADIATR0NS unit of such otherwise similar mass.

An appro iate LIGHT-VIBRATION value-gradient of frequency directed toward and thus through such invisible ADIATRONS moving through such invisible AIR will cast upon a suitable backdrop screen an animated shadow. Such shadow will reveal the relative degree of  nternal-movements of the ADIATRONS ‘particles’ as well as its peripheral limits of volumetric magnitude and that shadow will also reveal its MOBILITY-AXIS movement rate in relationship to a ‘fixed-point’ spatial relationship order-linear within the enveloping air through which the ADIATRONS transit. Such optical-visual shadow display will permit our fullest understanding of the ADIATRONS mocion phenomenon far beyond what we have previously been able to “sight”, These light-rays are thus ‘re-ordered’ optically via the single law attending all portions of this ADIATRONS air-mass and its field-of-transit as envelopes the ADIATRONS. This is a simple enhancement of our normal “SIGHT SENSORY SYSTEM” facility known as eyesight and which otherwise cannot “see” that which is loo% INVISIBLE.

While our present scientific texts essentially offer the preceding logic these research texts extant are not quite so explanative or thorough as the preceding discourse, nor will they allude to the ADIATRONS term to describe this vortex-ring and its effects which offer us the

FIG, #1

FIG. #2

FILL A BALLOON WITH HELIUM OR HYDROGEN until it achieves a hover mode of relative-weightlessness

,,ithin a room’s undisturbed air, As shown in the Fii,ure #1 above a SHARP-JETLIKE-BREATH OF AIR ESCAPING FROM A SMALL CIRCULAR APERTURE directed at the base-center of the balloon causes an ADIATRONS effect as PRESSES( + ) or PUSHES( + ) against the base of the weightless balloon and automatically up·ward of’ that balloon nature provides a relative resistivity-force as another

HIGH-PRESSURE( + ) value which quickly cancels the PUFF-JET FORCE imparted to the object from below.

Kow as  shown in  Figure :l:2 via       the  identical  I atrest’ undisturbed air  mode  as  before, BLO’\-.” YOU’”R


side of the hovering-balloon observing that the pressure-balancing caused by the passing form of ADIATRONS effect and its enveloping atmosphere-field cause the weightless-balloon to move in an ARC in “chasing11  via a PULL( – ) force forward of the balloon and a PUSH(+ ) force rearward of the balloon — the ADIATRONS unit itself to first align the balloon center-of-displacement for such symmetry of form with the MOBILITY-AXIS of the ADIATRONS symmetry of form. Such balloon

quickly moves into the line of MOCION accorded the invisible ADIATRONS MOBILITY-AXIS due to the

PULL( – ) & PUSH( + ) differentials of specific-gravity( pressure-gradients ) working in such sympathetic alignment of pressure balancing. While this balloon may not quite reach a state of compression permitting it to reach the ADIATRONS center along that MOBILITY-AXIS the balloon does move a considerable distance revealing the efficiency of this mode of its propulsion.

The next following drawing shows a plastic BEACH-BALL held aloft on an ADIATRONS MOBILITY-AXIS of flux which force relatively cancels the dead-weight of that ball-unit of mass. Note that the ball cannot fall off such ADIATRONS vertical axis because the moment the ball is made to shift laterally the upflowing force no longer omni-radially balances concerning its interface with the ball hence this imbalance to one-side “dumps” the ball back onto the ADIATRONS MOBILITY-AXIS where the forces are in the horizontal-sense omni-radially balanced in such interface with the ball periphere. Such ball when having its Center-of-Gravity( CG) at its symmetrical displace­ ment center as its geometriccenter will cause that ball to tend to roll its surface in any of

the many options according to the variable of turbulence ( and thus pressure gradients ) within the ADIATRONS flow pattern. To preclude such seemingly-random “turn” of the ball surface simply place a slightly-heavier mass-unit below the displacementcenter of the ball and this will give it METASTATIC STABILITY wherein the AXIS between the CG and the Displacement-Center of that “MOBILE” BALL becomes its vertical axis which when ’tilted’ equals its “RIGHTING-COUPLE” via

the moment-arm accorded such degree or 1tilt’.


Just as surely t:he CUP designs as shown held-fixed above as ADOME from hollowed-out SOLID

MASS of high-specific-gravity and placed in such opposite 18o0  vertical alignment with respect

to their open-end-circles in fonning such cups as potential containers, we find the f’ollowing:

\,hen in AIR{ Specific-gravity .8 ) such ADOME I cup I  filled from above with H20{ Specific­

Gravity 1. ) the tt20 is “gravidly” interfaced with the inside wall of’ the ‘cup’ due to its

.2 specific-gravity differential as compared to the otherwise enveloping AIR. Such “HEAvY­ WATER” fluid will not run out of’ the ‘cup’ until you physically, by force, rotate it to such

degree ,.-herein when its ‘lip’ or ‘rim’ falls partially below the level-plane of the H20

then quickly the fluid will pour out of the cup to that degree accorded by the rim-plane angle.

Such H20 if it could hold its 1 sg value in its transit downward through the AIR, if’ AIR could hold its .8 sg value, would ACCELERATE f’or such 9 SECOND period of such FALL model the

6336 Thousand Il\CH / HOUR rate as AGRAVIDUS( “A Gravity” ) ACCELERATION RATE for such •2 sg

di.ff’erential. As this sg differential changes so does the “gravity acceleration rate” in

due arithmetic proportion. The equation f’or the .2 sg differential is SECONDS/ .o9 = ‘MPH’,

Similarily …-hen in AIR of that .8 sg value such ADOME ‘cup’ filled with GAS which is of an sg value lighter-than-air by any differential of sg gradiency will find such gas will not run out of that ‘cup’ until you rotate it to such degree that its rim-plane line falls partially above that level-plane of the gas. Such pouring-gas levitates upward vertically.

!\ow let us apply this already common knowledge of “STATIC DISPLACEMENT” of AIR by these 2 forms of’ FLUID( H20 or GAS ) within the ‘cup’ to the ADIATRONS effect moving freely through an envel­

oping f’ield. In both cases the vertical ascensional force and the vertical descensional force are AGRAVIDUS( loo% “A Gravity” ) force shown via a constant-volume comparison thus and through which we can quickly arithmetically compute the “LIFT-FORCE” or the “GRAVID-FORCE” of any

magnitude of volume-cubic displacement on an enveloping-field fluidic such as AIR or H20 and

thus even the lowest specific-gravity fields AETHERIC of’ “OUTER-SPACE” and thus throughout any

elevationalgradient of weight from heaviest{ nucleus ) to lightest( •outer-space’ ) noting that

our value of wei.ght( specific-gravity ) per volume-constant of AIR and H20 with the latter being

1 sg is that which we have assigned at 3960 MILE STATUTE elevation and thus this sg value changes with each elevational gradient point of’ its observation from its MAXIMUM to its MINIMUM specific-gravity value.


When the field enveloping our designed mass-unit= #1 Specific-Gravity as shown f’or H2o and the designed mass-unit itself’ shows a relative .8 Specific-Gravity it displays a levitational

force equal to the .2 Specific-Gravity differential existing between such craft and such atmosphere enveloping it. This .2 sg differential gives such craft an ascensional force equal to 12.5 POUNDS AVOIDUPOIS f’or each CUBIC-FOOT( 39.63 INCH3 as “cubic meters” when the “meter”

= 39.6 INCH thus the “cubic-foot”= 1728 “cubic-inches” as the value statement ) of the enveloping #1 sg mass it displaces. Such “POUNDAL FORCE” when sustained f’or a period of’ 9 SECO!\DS will find the designed mass-unit craft to have accelerated vertically 100 •mph’ rate as= 6336 Thousand INCH/ HOUR rate equivalent.

ASCEKSION of such AIR-PORTION through such AIR-STRATUM HOST-BODY LAYER reveals an arithmetic geometric progressional decrease concerning AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS value of a volume standards manner of such comparison of DENSITY/ WEIGHT as= PRESSURE/ TEMPERATu”RE of such MASS. Thus

if an H20 molecular-portion at 7.2°H having a relative-diameter or cube-side value of 1 INCH/

39.6 Thousand at AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS 1 value would via EXPHANDING( “expanding” ) in its response t:o a HEAT–FREQUEKCY stimulation causing it to sho,· AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS .8 value & its molecular­ volume control dimencion( “dimension” ) to be 1 INCH/ 31.68 Thousand as= 80%that 7.2°H value

of H20. Then equally that “expanded” H20 ‘particle’ being enveloped by less-expanded HOST-BODY

of H20 would find the increased-volume as that ‘particle’ levitating in ascensional response, just as its cooling will condense that ‘particle’ to cause its descending movement transit of that H20 HOST-BODY when such body is warmer than such ‘particle’. This is CONVECTION EQUILIBRIUM and it

applies to ALL value gradients of all compounds and elements of all MASS( =MATTER= SPACE through the forms of such that we now call its PHASES of CRYSTAL( SOLID), FLUID( LIQUID) and GAS( VAPOR )•

HYDROGEK ASCENCIONAL FORCE is equal to the difference shown between a cubic volume of it and an

ident:ical volume of air it displaces. When the volume-unit for such comparison equals 3.33 FOOT3 as= 35.937 JFOOT such ASCENSIONAL FORCE for HYDROGEK in AIR= 2.64 POUND AVOIRDUPOIS which equals

1 POUND/ 13.6125 as= .o7J 461 891 64 “LBS”/ FOOTJ “LIFT FORCE” when AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS .8

t:he AIR enYeloping that HYDROGEK unit-volume.

AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS( “A Specific-Gravity” qv ) of the  texts extant = “The ratio of a body “‘hen

compared to a MASS of an equal volume of H20( “”‘ater” ) at its MAXU11.JM-WEIGHT( DEKSITY ) ,·hen that: comparison is made in AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS .8 as= AIR having the same THERME gradient as the H20. Specific-Gravity( sg) thus is the ratio of a volume-unit of a body concerning its weight as

compared to that unit volume constant of our loo% STANDARDS which is H20 at lsg.”

(    qv of extant texts ) = “The determination for a given body made by the division of its

\.·eight by the value accorded accelerationof-gravity.” NOTE: Since 11accelerationof’gravity” differs according to the differential of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS value sho,,, for the transit:ing ‘particle’ andthe ‘hostfieldit  transits as an ASPECTRALE(  “A Spectral”  ) range of  potentially

different rate values for ”gravity”, this item should be valued ith consideration accordingly.

MATTER( qv of extant texts)= “Whatever occupies space, and matter and energy are considered

equivalents as are mutually convertible according to the Einsteinian-Equation E = mc2 wherein

E = Energy which E = Mass( m symbol ) multiplied( x symbol ) by light-vibration-rate( c symbol squared( 2 symbol ).”

(     qy of extant text:s ) = “Distance of” dimension extending without limit in all directions within which all material ‘things are contained via such three dimensions of fonn f’or the attending geometry.”


This Author knows that MASS – MATTER= SPACE and that “VOIDS” are zones or portions of that total representing relative low value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS for such zone compared to the relative high value of” AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS of the enveloping-field hosting thato ‘particle’ or “VOID” zone. That MASS= MATTER= SPACE is revealed to our senses as gradients of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS as its range ASPECTRALE of HEAVY to LIGHT modes of being, therefore this Author uses these terms synonymously. That an approp­ riate VIBRATION value of its scalar range ASPECTRALE can be “TUNED” to the need of

a specific-unit portion of that MASS can CHANGE-ITS-PHASE and therefore its appearance or disappearance( becoming–invisible) and thus its displacement-capacity within AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS terms of “GRAVITATION” or “LEVITATION”, is without question.

Further these CHANGES are the FORCE or WORK potential-values attending such VIBRATION ( “ENERGY” ) values presented to such MASS unit portions to CAUSE such EFFECT as the relative CHANGE. Equally important is that as the AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS value of a MASS unit and its enveloping-field host-body dif”fer that the ACCELERATION-RATE accorded the movingmassunit compared to the nonmovinghost-body is in due arithmetic proportion scalar to the difference of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS shown between those 2 units as are such MASS in TRANSIT of such ENVELOPING-FIELD.


observable at any specific-point of” MASS( MATTER/ SPACE) is PRESSURE-BALANCING the

relative differences accorded via the VIBRATION-FREQUENCY gradient acting within each portion of” such MASS.          9,30


‘PET1             = Acronym


G+R+A+V( 47 as 4+7 = 11 as 1+1 = 2) x I+D+A+S( JJ)                                                                                                                    = 66

GRAVIDUS = 1 + Azero + Azero = 100% = “gravity”.

Adiatrons evolution-axis of its flowing-field exerts AZERO( o ) PRESSURE against its relatively weightless-particles situated along that evolution-axis, yet a particle having a weight-gradient of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS greater than shown for the ADIATRONS evolution-axis results in PRESSURE­ GRADIE:<T DIFFERENTIALS( – & + ) acting against such heavier-particle and which FORCE will PUSH( + ) against the rear-side of that heavier-particle while it will simultaneously PULL( – ) against

the forward-side of that heavier-particle according to the acting differential( – & +                                                       gradient

values which minus( – ) the value-gradient used to overcome the WEIGHT of that PARTICLE in moYing it  via the resistance value and frictional value of such flowing- ield of the evolution­ axis which interfaces ith and passes the heavier-particle in revealing the RATE POTENTIAL of such MOCION of such HEAVIER-PARTICLE while the portion of flux that moved the WEIGHT of that PARTICLE is its POUNDAL-POTENTIAL in such terms of relative-weight cancellation.

66 = “Exact Science” via E+X+A+C+T( = 5+22+1+3+2o = 51 as 5+1 = 6 ) x S+C+I+E+N+S+E( 74 as 7+4

1+ 1 = 2 ) .

¢        J+J = 6

( 7+4 = 1+1

An Exact Science” via ( 1+5 ) + E+X+A+C+T( 5+1 )   6+6   1+2   J x S+C+I+E+N+S+E

= J+J = 6        ¢ symbol-unit.

A+T+I+M+E+M+A+C+H+I+N+E = 1o1 as   + Azero + 1 =  1+1::: 2 and indeed the particle such as  ‘ARCis A TIME MACHINE since it must use 2 “PRESSURE-DIFFERENTIALS”( – & + ) derived from a relative AZERO( o ) flow–differential along the AXIS of an AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS form and thus representing its “POTENTIAL FORCE” equatable in terms of “DEAD-WEIGHT CA.lilCELLATION” as well as in terms of “RATE ACQUISITION” of that mass-weight it so relatively cancelled. The combined effects of AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS thus is to efficiently move a wide range of mass-form and value-unit gradients through low-weight gaseous/fluidic aetheric mass of matter( space) which abounds in great volume off all visible-nucleus points of such spatial reference attending our 100% UNIVERCI( “universe” ).

SCIENSE( “science” qv of extant texts

untested intuitive belief.11

“Fact of all knowledge acquisition as opposed to

HYPOTHESIS= RESEARCHER groundwork supposition intuitive as an unproven-untested theory used to explain certain already proven findings as thus serves as the encouragement leading to further investigative testing which within the ‘science branches’ is relatively limited to our human 100% SENSORI( “sensory” ) facilities which value such experimentation results as principally attend only the visible nucleonic-mass portions of an ASPECTRALE 100% total-range from the

very-limited invisible to the far greater magnitude of the 100% INVISIBLE enveloping those tiny

nuclei points of the whole ENTITE( 7+3 = 1 + Azero = 100% = •entity” ). Thus our scientific hypothesis and its test results yield some fragments of useful data while denying THE SOUL some potentially greater useful data associated with the results we cannot see or perceive by sight­ sensing or instrumental-sensing concerning such greater invisible mass portion of the UNIVERCI.

S /  .o9    ‘MPH’ “ACCELERATION OF GRAVITY” when S = Seconds of “fall” of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS

Weight-Constant of Volume-Constant TRANSIT of .8 AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS Field-Constant shown as AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS .2 “differential” that results in such “ACCELERATION-OF­ GRAVITY11 f”or the tt2o & AIR 1math-model arithmetic.


9 SECONDS/ .o9

18 SECONDS/ .09

100  ‘mphas

200 ‘mph’ as

6336 Thousand INCH/ HOUR. 6JJ6 x 2 Thousand INCH/ HOUR.


A                     A

L              _j

ADIATRONS PLAN-VIEW above shows ISOBAROS rings ADIATRONS A-A Section Elevation-View above is “isobaric” denoting relatively-constant unit-  shown as an OBLATE SPHEROID is f’lattened at its value of’ AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS weight/pressure            polar-vortex terminals of’ vertical-axis while gradient. Each ring represents an elevation-                   being pressured-outward horizontally f’ormi ng its gradient off its upper-apex of vortex equal                  periphere circule. The ADIATRONS relative-

to a Jo• angle off nucleus-point of’ ADIATROKS    ‘bubble’ is thus shown with exfolding-upper and

A-A Section Elevation-View prior shown.          inf’olding-lower TROMPETTE( 1+)+2 = J+J “trumpet” )•

The  TROMPETTE shown in the preceding A-A Section Elevation-Vie,;is the “FUNNEL SHAPED VORTEX” form of its 2 vertical-axis ends. 1 via loo EXPHANDING( “expanding” ) upwardly away f’rom axis shown via the arrows of f’lux and the ISOBAROS lines, and the other as is CONDENS( 7+4 = 1+1 ) x Il\G( J + Azero ) = J + J at its base inwardly toward its relative nucleus-center. These end TROMPETTES are ISOCLINAL in nature appearing thus as a “FLARED-BELL MOUTH”.

–f’                                                    -t

ADIATRONS in SERIES ( lef’t drawing ) tend to appear more ‘:flattenedout’ than is sho            for a single “bubble”. The more-frequently they are

:formed withi.n a given M0CI0N( 11motion” = “time”

unit period, the f’latter they appear to be and when so “STACKED11 as “PANCAKES” relatively­ speaking the more they can give the effect of a “CYLINDER FORM” as they PRESSURE-BALA..’ICIKGLY

levitate upward through an enveloping-f’ield of greater value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS than is shown f’or the ADIATRONS mass-units. As shown via the tinted section of’ the illustration as the WATER-MASS of denser-f’ield quickly moves into the relatively ‘vacuous’ zone in immediately interf’acingly-f’ollowing the bottom ADIATRONS unit in thus relatively-replacing the apparent low-,;eight ADIATRONS “CYLINDER” f’orm with an

H20 “CYLINDER” f’orm. In the case of the ATOM­

BOMB test at the South Pacif’ic BIKINI ATOLL called the BAKER-DAY TEST of shortly af’ter WWII


UP a distance of 6JJ6o INCH x 24000 INCH width of “diameter” as such a WATER “CYLINDER” via the

action of having upward of’ that WATER “CYLINDER” a relative low-pressure PULL( – ) FORCE while the relatively high-pressure PUSH(+ ) FORCE of the high-weight water mass of’ the sea acted in direct sympathy along the vertical-axis of such “CYLINDER” f’ormed via such ADIATRONS levitation

which in this case of the Atomic-Bomb did so at a very rapid-rate. This 495 MEGA-TON H20 “LIFT”

vertically as the WATER “CYLIKDER” eventually could no-longer balance such pressures hence lost such “LIFT PROPULSION FORCE” and ” gravidly” f’ell back into the Pacific Ocean from whence it issued.




of that ADIATRONS “bubble” it creates or to move behind and below that ADIATRONS “bubble” it creates in thereby “CHASING ITS ISSUE” of such “Tl’”NED FREQUENCIES” which is the PREFERRED MODE

.·hich .·ill be explained later on in this work illustrating a “PHYSICAL APPLICATIOK” via ‘ARC’ craft for such mobility efficiency.

Realize that OUR 1-fUMA_>; SIGHT-SEKSING FACILITY permits us to perceive mentally as “SIGHT” those frequencies/ .-avelengths radiating off “HEAVIER-MASS” units than those above our WATER-SURFACE since at this AIR-•ATER INTERFACE we have faced our very existence as “nucleonic-creatures” of almost equally “HEAVY-MASS” llllit construction wherein f’or SURVIVAL REASONS alone we must be “SIGHT-TUNED” to be able to readily perceive via “SIGHT” all those things that could threaten

our existence. ie: AIR is generally non-threatening to our existence and offers little resistance to our mobility as compared to the higher resistance offered in our movement through water and our inability to move through even heavier values of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS than water, hence the rudimentary imperative is to 11SEE11  the denser heavier-than-air objects we call matter within

the  spa e “‘·e call mass while that imperative is  not to 11SEE11  the  lighter-than-air objects “·ecall

thespace of vapor we call mass and aether, etc.

Thus ADIATRONS AETHERIC “BUBBLES” of’ “VORTEX-RING” form indeed is the ESSENSS( “essence” ) of ALL AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS in revealing the phenomenon of MOCION in its “ANTI-GRAVID” and in its                    “GRAVID” state of relative movement as  the TRA..’JSIT of  a mass portion enveloping it.  \\.’e today use “ELECTRO-MECHANICAL APPARATUS SYSTEMS” as “PARTICLE ACCELERATORS” wherein within a cylindrical enclosure we induce a field “ELECTROMAGKETIC” as FLUX-RINGS/ “VORTEX-RINGS” about the AXIS of such cylindrical enclosure of symmetry surrounding such ‘captive ADIATRONS1 which pressuringly are accelerated out of’ the device as they literally “ROLLER-DRIVE” themselves out of such rel­

ative captivity of “PRESSURE-BALANCING” RESTRAINT — except for the exit along such axis of ROLL.

Such cylindrically-captive ADIATRONS formed ‘electro-mechanically’ are “TUNED VIBRATION” products

hich issue out of that encasement-entrainment in series at extremely highvelocities and thus are assumed to be “COHESIVE” when their vibrations are evidenced as 11LIGHTFREQl.”ENCY11 gradients. Such “BEA. 1s11 or 11RAYS” can  also be 11TUNED” to eject forcibly at “LIGHT-RATE” denserparticles of gasified-metal and–these are our “PARTICLE BEANS” or “DEATH-RAYS” since to have these high­ rate microscopic particles of densemass impactinglyinter.face with a relatively non-moving object ,,;ill dissolve and bore right through that other object to continue its movement until

all such .forces are  dissipated over extremely great celestial distances.

Similarily within such devices “PHYSICAL” when we accelerate aetheric-mass particles as the “cohesiYe-field cylinder” of’ very smallbore measurements and introduce “LIGHTVIBRATION11

,,.-hich Yia trigonomicf’unction of reflectivity bounce angularily within the rela-cive confines of that “cohesive-field cylinder” they can evidence a MI;s;1.:TE ‘HICRO-WAVE’ Tt:NIKG AS A “COHESIVE” beam of our 11LASER” and 11MASER” beams since they will “illuminate” the atmosphericmasscylinder interface of form through which they TRANSIT as ADIATRONS effects after they themselves form such aetheric cylinders-of-field through which relative “TUNNEL” they transit space( mass/ matter) especially of low-weight gradiency of value AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS.



Anytime an ADIATRONS “bubble” reaches an elevational-level where its AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS equals the existing AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS of its enveloping atmosphere such levitational MOCION ceases abruptly since at that condition the ADIATRONS units itself is no longer subject to any “SQTJEEZE” effects of PRESSURE-BALANCING and thus then being of the same 100% ESSENSS as its environmental envelope our ADIATRONS achieve a state of’ relative-weightlessness when ALL MOCION( “motion”= ”time”= ”dimension            ceases even though that enveloping host-body itself may be moving within its host-body.

This phenome::-1on is that which attends ALL MAGNITUDES of’ Mass=Matter=Space weightgradients and

thus attends the MACROCOSMIC and the MICROCOSMIC amplitudes of all portions of such mass that comprises the entire 100% UNIVERCI.


In the preceding-drawing, when the ‘ARC’ craft HULL resembling here a “JAPANESE LANTER’I” open at its base along its vertical-axis — is overflowingly-filled with a lower gradient of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFIC\:S than the atmosphere that enYelopes it systemically 2 levitational effects will occur

as  follO\,,,’S:

  1. Via first haYing displaced enveloping atmosphere ol a weight equal to the relative physical­ weight or ‘dead-weight’ of the entire ‘ARC’ system such ‘ARC’ is then relatively-weightless, and can be termed its ‘hover’ mode of its ADIATRONS propulsional effect employed thus.

Then any additional fill-displacement achieved via placing ADIATRONS within that ‘ARC’ hull ( without overflowing any of it ) will find that a rate of mocion shown as levitation will be brought into ‘play’ that accelerate that ‘ARC’ upward in due proportion to the total force brought to ‘play’ in such propulsion manner of ‘pure-displacement’ caused by the then evident AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS “DIFFERENTIAL” shown between the ‘ARC’ craft ADIATRONS and the field­ atmospheric enveloping such 1ARCcraft hull.

In this ‘trim’ mode such ‘ARC’ when of symmetrical bi-convex form of a lenticularlens comprised of 2 parts as ADOME + ADOME you’d now call a ‘sphere-segment’ pair, such form ‘ARC’ can via shifting its CENTER-of-GRAVITY( CG) tilt its hull attitude to PLANE UPWARD along a “flight-path” as is a vector off the vertical norm for such encapsulated ADIATRONS This ‘ARC’ so PLA.’IING UPWARD now offers an elliptical form of less-resistance to the over­ burden of atmosphere it displaces in such MOCION than it would when its UPPER-SURFACE CIRCULE is perpendicular to such ascent-axis-vertical shown for its ADIATRONS norm. Such vectored path of planing upward for our ‘ARC’ craft can produce rates over 250 ‘mph’

when the value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS is only equal to that shown for encapsulated Hydro­ gen which at our sea-level in maximum-weight air as shows itself to be only A POUND AVOIRDUPOIS/ lJ.6125 as= .o7J 461 891 64 “LBS” / “FT”J hence AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS for

HYDROGEN gas must be .998 5Jo 762 2 when H2O = 1.

  • An overflow of low value of AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS atmospheric-gradient flo,.-ing upwardly out of our ‘ARC’ craft with its levitating PUSH(+                                                  and PULL( – ) effects acting to accelerate our ‘ARC’ craft ,.-ill find that with such ‘ARC’ RIM-PLANE being HORIZONTAL it can achieve an ASCE:\SIO:’.\AL RATE :far in excess of the prior ‘trim’ mode which shows no similar overflo\ot· of

propulsional ADIATRONS from within its relative ‘buoyancy chamber’ inside its hull.

Equally obvious is that such ‘ARC’ can still tilt its hull by shifting its CG so that the craft will vector off the norm of its otherwise vertical ascent, while still benefitting from the propulsional FORCE of “LIFT” afforded by such overflo•.·ing ADIATRONS from within its hull.

SI:\CE the HULL of our ‘ARC.‘  and some of its internal components have a limited resistivity to VIBRATIONAL DEGRADATION any such THERME of HEAT-FREQUENCY gradient such parts or materials are exposed to should be of a gradient value short of that which degrades that material. IN VIEW OF THIS MAXIMU1’1  PROPULSIONAL LIFT-LEVITATION FORCE CANNOT BE APPLIED IN THIS.MANNER AS PRECEDING,


“BLOWPIPES” above the ‘ARC’ HULL such as an OXY-HYDROGEN “BLOWPIPE” ORDER which via ‘burning’ 2 Hydrogen volumes with 1 Oxygen volume at its “nozzle” can achieve a “FLAME HEAT” of 5ooo0H as can thus via a controlled-rate of flow-mixing ‘generate’ above the 1ARC1 lflJLL along its axis­ vertical an interfacing ADIATRONS MAGNITUDE far in excess of that already ‘generated’ by the preceding 2 levitational effects propulsional wherein this latter use of the OXY-HYDROGEN “BLOWPIPE” overhead of the HULL aimed for relative focalization effects of “WAVE-TUl,’ING” can presumably accord an ‘ARC’ craft ASCENSIONAL RATE that would literally “STAGGER THE IMAGINATIO1′” when such rate acquisition is compared to our present modes of craft flight-mobility expression within only the lowest levels of our enveloping atmosphere. Such OXY-HYDROGEN ‘FLAME’ from a singlenozzle aperture is relatively conical and its inner-cone portion is termed its ‘reducing­

f’lame’ and its external-cone portion its ‘oxidizing- lame’. Since the rapidlevitation of such OXY-HYDROGEN energized ADIATRONS finds the “BURN” or OXIDIZING portion of that 2H + 1o ‘mix’ coolest at its “FIRE-CONE BASE” and hottest at its “FIRE CONE APEX”, hence such “BLOWPIPES” can

be affixed or otherwise attached to the ‘ARC’ hull in such a manner as to preclude undue hull deterioration effects for a good service-life yet generate VERY STRONG PULL( – ) FORCE interfacing between such ADIATRONS base and such ‘ARC’ UPPER-SURFACE of HULL — whereupon naturally as this PULL( – ) FORCE of propulsion is increaesed then equally the PUSH(+ ) FORCE of propulsion acting below against the ‘ARC’ hull surface is relatively-increased and our ‘weightlessARC’ now will



\                                                           /




J_                 3125                                                                                              t

./J 3.125

6. 25

— j




I-      12.5                       I-        12.5                       ·I

The above illustrations reveal HOW TO EASILY ACCURATELY COMPUTE first ADOME SURFACE as compared it          as your loo% STA.”(DARDS and then HOW TO EASILY ACCURATELY COMPUTE ADOME-‘SEGMENT’

SCRFACE and thus its VOLL !E.

ADOME shows its 18o0  ARC to equal 12.5 DIMENCION( “dimension” ) STANDARDS which displays an R2

“diamet-er” of 7.92 for its CIRCULE( “circle” ) plane-surface, therefore:

When 12.5 x .6336 = 7.92 we know that 63.36% that 180• ANGLE ARC of SURFACE= 2 x 3.96 as

25 / 7.92   “Pi-Ratio” 3.156 565 62.§_ which= 1 / .3168 since 31.68% that 360° ANGLE ARC of

SURFACE= 2 x 3.96 R2 “diameter”.

Thus 63.36% the SURFACE of ADOME showing its 180• ANGLE ARC will find that percentile to

= the CIRCULE-SURFACE of its plane revealing its 49.5 SQUARE-UJIITS value statement which R2 x 3.156 565 62.§. as the RADIA-SQUARED x “Pi-Ratio” equation we are familiar with which= R2 / .3168 as the 3.96 RADIA SQUARED( 2 } / .3168 = 49.5 CIRCULE-SURFACE SQUARE-UNITS which

via DIVISION by .6336 ratio= 78.125 SURFACE-UNITS-SQUARE of ADOME having 18o0  ANGLE ARC.

Then via R2 / .3168 x R we get 3.962 / .3168 x 3.96 = 196.02 “cylinder-volume cubic” which via DIVISION by 1.5 ratio will find ADOME VOLUME-CUBIC of 130.68 Units3 statement as its loo% STANDARDS of VOLUME. Note that our 3.96 RADIA of STANDARDS x 33 = 130.68 VOLUME.

ADOME-‘SEGMENT’ such as the above illustrated example shown TINTED via the 360° ANGLE ARC swing of a 45• ANGLE off the plane-surface CIRCULE center-point reveals above that “GREAT-CIRCLE” yet another-smaller “circle” above which small-circle-plane is ADOME-‘SEGMENT’ representing 25% the

ARC SURFACE of ADOME wherein this ‘segment’ ARC SURFACE= 3.125 x


6.25 = 19.53125 Units • Since

ADOME-‘SEGMENT’ so described has an ARC SURFACE equal to 25% that of ADOME from whence it came then 25% the VOLUME of ADOME from whence it came equals the VOLUME of such ADOME-‘SEGMENT’ hereby

shown to= 32.67 Units3 compared to 130.68 Units3 of our loo% STANDARDS base.

Since the CHORD( “CONE-CIRCLE” R2    shown by the 45• ANGLE s.ung in that 360° ARC = 3.96 x

= 7.92 x  as      its “dimension” 5.600 285 7o7 which SQUARED & /  ( .6JJ6 x 2 ) = 24.75 “CIRCLE”

UNITED STATES PATENT J,714,731 Benson, Feb, 6, 1973 with its 19 CLAIM INTERNATIONAL PATENT

equivalent GRANTS is f’or a 1 piece FLUID-MOBILE which in its f’ishing-tackle application as a bobber / lure TRANSITS and DISPLACES atmospheric-gas in f’light and water-f’luid while being metastatically stable during its aerodynamic and hydrodynamic interf’acings of’ operation as a FLUID-MOBILE engaged in naturally-balancing AGRAVIDUS SPECIFICUS “DIFFERENTIALS” of’ FORCE( PRESSURE) acting upon it externally and internally as inf’luences its points of’ “Gravity-Center” and “displacement-center” as these points relatively-change their spatial relationship during the dynamicphysics of its design functions numbering some 12 in all. This is the physics that

must attend any FLUID-MOBILE design f’or its optimal ef’f’iciency according to 1 natural-law as

attends the cause and effect of ALL MOCION(  “motion11  = “time” = “dimension”  ) .  The ARC’  craft and the AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS phenomenon of’ MOCION obey this single natural-law, hence the application of’ the logic shown by the initial FLUID-MOBILE Patent J,714,731 led to its f’urther def’inition as a FLUID-MOBILE toy as an animated plastic-f’ish system and as a FLUID-MOBILE 1 ARC I toy or even an ‘ARC I Craft for Manned-Mobility                                                                                                                                                                      this therefore was put into fonn of an APPLICATIOK FOR PATEKT f’or  “FLUID-MOBILE” f’iled with the U,S, Department of’ Commerce, W,D.C. on July 6, 1976 by this Author-Inventor “Dick” Benson as was assigned SERIAL-l\’UMBER 702,462 only to have been rejected on July 2o, 1977 on the basis that the Patent Of’f’ice f’elt that the physics statements and claims of’ proof’ made did not agree with the generally accepted textbook data of’ their experts on physics and science branches. Benson immediately formally responded asking f’or an extension for purpose of a review and redress if necessary and this requestletter was neYer acknowledged by the Patent Of’fice of’ W,D,C,

As GOD is my witness and as GOD would surely uphold my RIGHTS, I hereby CLAIM total RESERVATIOX of’ ALL RIGHTS attending such Patent and potential f’urther Patents attending such FLUID-MOBILE in any fonn of its crafting whether it be for a simple toy for amusement or for a far more important MANNED-MOBILITY in such as the ‘ARC’ conf’iguration f’or the rapid-transit of’ ‘outer-space’ or of’ the lower-atmospheric levels of’ our planet such as within its AIR or WATER MOBILITY uses in thus having covered the ASPECTRALE possibilities of’ our loo% UNIVERCI. The f’ollowing is a true ABSTRACT, BACKGROUJ\D and SUMMARY of’ the INVENTION shown in its Patent Application SN 702,462:


A f’luid mobile of variably buoyant consituency within a S)iTlmetrical envelope as controllably balanced for metacentric stability during animation, maneuverability, and static periods when disposed within a fluidic medium.


This invention relates to a fluid mobile which in one form can be used for art or recreation­ al toy ¥.-ithin an aquarium, game, swimming pool, and such type of usage as a free or tethered mobile within the symmetrical form of a fish, for example, and more particularily to such a f’luid mobile adapted f’or use as a transport mode within f’luidic mediums such as atmospheric and hydrospheric space. Other types of mobiles now in use present themselves as being gen­ erally limited due to massive weightpenalty configurations as are possessive of inherent safety, inertial, inefficiency, instability and maneuverability problems, and they are gen­ erally capable of yielding linear mobility in a generally uni-directional sense.


It is therefore an object of this invention to provide an improved mobile, Ior use within f’luidic environments, which ie adapted to yield f’luid mobility with inherent optimum efficiency, safety, stability and maneuverability.

Most of’ the f’oregoing portions of’ this book represents the data proving the principle and the claims of’ invention wherein anyone such as you-the-reader “SKILLED IN THE ARTS of’ MOBILITY” or

“Pl-ITSICS”  should be able to readily understand and ‘reduce to practiseas is the prerequisites of a PATEl\T GRAST — yet this Patent Grant has been summarily denied me its inventor, theref’ore this book is written and illustrated with its several simple physics proof’s as is in keeping with my intention that I SHALL SEE TO IT THAT ALL PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO SUCH KNOWLEDGE LONG BEFORE BEING ABLE TO CONVINCE A PATENT EXAMINER OF ITS VALIDITY, Astrophysicists say that “A CR FT

CA.1\NOT CHASE ITS ISSUE” yet ‘ARC’ Fluid-Mobile shows that it indeed can, The same science denies that mathematics is a precise science yet this ‘ARC‘ work reveals that it indeed is. This same science advises us that they do not know why numbers do what they do while telling us that they cannot def’ine ELECTRICITY, GRAVITY, LIGHT and MAGN’ETISM, Yet in the f’ace of’ examining all the data of’ this book they will not deny its truths as abound throught this text.


With ‘ARC’ above its AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS form of ADIATRONS effect will result in a heat-value of frictional interfacing of the ‘ARC’ hull base with the effluxing ADIATRONS field hence this mode of being PUSHED(+ ) up against some upper-surface resistance(+ ) is the least preferred use of the ADIATRONS FORCE.

1,ith ‘ARC’ belo.· its AETHERIC PARTICLE ACCELERATORS form of ADIATRONS effect results in the

optimal eff’iciency as shown earlier in this work.

A youth during 1977 named Christopher Chaleki as a High School student who designed Radio­ Controlled aircraft offered the following suggestions of illustration for RADIO-CONTROLLED use with a small-model ‘ARC’ in mind. When the reader of this book totally understands the physics and the ‘math’ involved that person should then be able to design a radio-controlled model ‘ARC’

using a ‘chemical-burn’ to generate the ADIATRONS required for displacement cancellation of weight and then f’oran ascensionallift via                     placing above the ‘ARC’ such extra-strength ADIATRONS, therefore for the present let the following graphics of Chaleki serve as your thought-guide in your personal design work attending an 1RC1 model ‘ARC’. Know also that whenever this Author will opt to design and thus make efficiently mobile a radiocontrolled ‘ARC’ that such detailed dra\,:ings and materials list complete ,,,ith instructions will be availed anyone interested in replicating that model which will be in keeping with the preceding physics of this book.



FOR>IS 4•PIATR0t’S t,o>J ,/         I

UPWARD of ARC                          I./’  ‘ \             2-•AY EXHAUST \”!Jqs

,/              ‘\




The Chaleki fuel-lines of flexible nature could ‘feed’ through the pendulum “FUEL-TA.”<K” suspen­ sion rod and via a short-couple of flexible-hose could readily connect to the “BLOWPIPE-BURNER” which should be servo-regulated by the ‘RC’ command. THIS IS ONLY A SCHEMATIC — so plan your own design well.


This PLAN-\’1 £V







VANE-APERTURE 9o• to abov.- vi w.



connecting the disc with all vanes ties pivotally to the bottom of each vane as is pivoted off VA- E-UNIT HOUSING,

Note that the above Chaleki exhaust system sows a TENSION-CONTROL ARM connecting the DISC of the PLAN-VIEW drawing with ALL VANES through a pivotal connection at the bottom of each vane which vane itself is pivoted off the VANE-UNIT HOUSING.

The following by Chaleki is a sound discourse on RADIO-CONTROL descriptive terminology which can give you a primary understanding for such systems which during 1977 were available from $175 to

$J5o per kit, Similar systems were the RC Model-Controllers for the BOEING 7o7 Jet Aircraft and the COLl IBIA SPACE-SHUTTLE.

The R/C SYSTEM is composed of 2 subsystems, the CARRIER( TRANSMITTER) and the AIRBORNE-SYSTEM ( BATTERIES, RECEIVER & SERVOS). The transmitter is usually a box of about 2 x 6 x 8 INCH held in-hand by the PILOT on the ground who controls the craft via 1 or 2 OMNI-DIRECTIONAL ‘STICKS’ protruding-vertically( relatively ) from circular-wells as are called gimbals. The “STICK” protruding from the gimbal has 2 functions of receiver-translation into motion that can be

assigned to it for a relative •nose-down• / ‘nose-up’ plane of servo control of the craft and for a relative ‘left-wing-down’ / ‘right-wing-up’ plane of servo motion-control of the craft.

Any time the ‘stick’ of the transmitter is moved in a vector-direction off either of the preceding 2 axes a combination of the 2 functions result as the vectorproduct as is lmown as DIGITAL PROPORTIONALITY within the R/C jargon as was developed during mid 1960, When the •STICK’ is rotated J6o0 and brought from VERTICAL-NORM to its GIMBAL-LIMIT a vast variety of vector­ reactions are obtained within the craftmodel for its  ull-range maneuverability.

The AIRBORNE-SYSTEM uses a 9,6 Volt NI-CAD( nickel-cadmium) BATTERY giving loo to 500                                                                                                 man-hours of service to drive the RADIO-RECEIVER and the SERVO-MECHANISMS. The RADIO-RECEIVER is a small

25 …30

Adimencional 3.96= R Constant

J.96 = R(  RADIA ) = “Height”( H ) & .1584 = r( ratio-or-radia ) loo\\\ STANDARDS or ARCHIMEDES SPHER x .E


7.92 = R2(   llADIA x 2 ) = “llidth”( 11 ) & .Jl68 = r2(         ratio-of-radians IThese therefore are ALL the loo\\\ ADIMENCIONAL and ratio CONSTANTS used in the rollowing CHARTED-DATA of ALL Form. This Chart shows the proportional relationship between ALL Form wherein their 1oocz6 NUHMBERS                                below its drawing and LefttoRight reading off that QJ_ eveals the relative description of the other Form above such ratio description.  ie:           When  J100%I =    = SPHERx.E or  the  R3/rJ Form then 1.9008 x that SPHERx.E = “CUBE”


or  R 4R Form just as “CUBE” 248.396544 / 1.9008

= 130.68 SPHERx.E in  that Charted-Data rollo,ing:


= So% BALL= “hemisphere” as sho’WTI.

‘£)  1979-83 RICHARD J.  “Dick” BENSOI\ 4227-2 Walker Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28211 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

248.396544                    196.02                  130.68                 82.798848                     65. 34




R24RI R3/r2 R3/r3 R3/.75,R3/r6         R22         R2/r4         R22

t:jQ Y□VL


12.5                             8·1


2                                                       ;j;::;ij; :;;/:;,Qi:::;/:;;;::;:;:::,







4. 1§.






2. 36742                1.5782

 1. 9008  

.6336                             • 5                                         .24                                         .182.J.


.4224                                                                             . 16


.5260942761                                         .2630471381

Listed following are presentday equations

of algebraic statement format;

L X w X H  fTR2 X HTt’R2H/1 .5  LWH/  JTr R2H / 3w X H1tR2 X .5WH X • 5
  A X H  A X H  AH/1.5  AH/J  AH/JH X wtt2x11/2Hl/ I 2

A         “surface-Area” , H    “Height” t  L          “Length”&. W    “Width” via today’s manner arithmetic.

A HYPOTENUSE 7,92 of the TRIANGLE when x                            = “SIDE” of  5.600285707 which x

“A  SIDE” 7.92 “Width” or R2 when x                        = 11.20057141 “DIAGONAL of SQUARE”.

7.92 and


loo\\\ STANDARDS of our loo\\\ ECQUATOR Celestial­ Vertical against which ALL other QJ units of fonn may then be made to COMPARISON( 123 = 1+2+3 = 3+3

¢)  with our  SPHER( 66  ) x .E(  .5  ) = 3+3 = ¢.


Since the work of Richard J.  “Dick” Benson via  his  books AETHERIC “PARTICLE ACCELERATOR” ,

ATLANTEA. S JJ MATH , loo% INTELLECT and WORLD’S OLDEST JJ MAP appears to challenge the long accepted credibility of some presently employed mathematics and physics instniction found within our most accredited institutions of education an occasional need is felt to examine the personal “CREDENTIALS” of Dick Benson before opening doors to the minds of students everywhere throughout the scholastic realms of formal instniction, In view of this RICHARD J. “Dick” BENSON’S CREDENTIALS are hereby submitted on these two pages of this book, while his work CREDENTIALS are in all his books subject to your loo PERSONAL “TESTS11 via reasoning before acceptance.

6J ORBIT ‘AGE’ on January 10, 1984 A.D. Dick is in excellent mental and physical health. Dick in 1940 A.O. graduated the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Massachusetts where he Majored in Ornamental Horticulture in dealing with all forms inanimate and living which he quickly learned to manipulate well in the Landscape Architectural renderings of his career which vas promptly disrupted by  his enlistment in The United States Army Air Force as an Aviation Cadet because of World War II.

B-24 Liberator Bomber Pilot. Flew JS combat missions in the European Theater of Operations during WWII, Awards: SILVER STAR for Heroism, DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS and A.IR MEDAL with five Oak Leaf Clusters.

Presently holds F,A,A, COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE #111 562914 with its Multi-Engine-Land Rating,

Post \iar to1963 Benson was professionally involved in manufacturing shop and management positions vithin the Wheeled-Mobility industry ( Non-Automotive ). This activity found him successlul in the development of countless commercial and military products required for the support of aircraft and rockets. This list after 1963 included the Transporter-Trailer made for Grumman Aerospace Corpor­

ation and NASA for handling their LUNAR MODULE ( LM) the famous three-man space vehicle used for the first lunar-landing of the APOLLO PROGRAM.

SELF EMPLOYED since 1964 Benson while on Aerospace Council of SAE Technical Board’s Cooperative Engineering Program – Mechanical Systems Subcommittee AGE-1 ( Aerospace Ground Equipment ) pre­ sented his Paper #6906J5 TRAILER DESIGN FOR MOBILITY during the October 7, 1969 National Aeronautic and Space Engineering and Manufacturing Meeting. This introduced new data on steering geometry and vheel suspension systems advancing the •state of the Art’. Benson continued this type of SELF­ EMPLOYMENT business as ADVANCED MOBILITY ASSOCIATES representing specially qualified manufacturers as a commission compensated Sales Engineer. During this period Benson was Internationally Granted

a 19 Claim Patent based on the U.S. Patent kno,TI as #J, 714, 7J1 FISlilNG DEVICE MOBILE that perfonns numerous automa_tic f’W1ctions involving the physics of’ aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and metastatic stability through the product is a single piece of plastic with 1no moving parts’. Benson and his wife Founded GENERIC SYSTEMS, INCORPORATED and as its President manufactured and marketed his fishing device. During this period Benson extended the Claims of that Patented Mobile to the invention of a “FLUID MOBILE” for mobility through the space of our lover and upper atmospheres as a manned craft using his recognised natural phenomenon AETHERIC “PARTICLE ACCELER­ ATOR” • This Patent Application was assigned SERIAL NUMBER 702,462 July 6, 1976 and was rejected by the U.S. Department of Comnierce Patent Office July 2o, 1977 since the claims made were not yet substantiated by the ‘accepted texts• of the present scientific community within science and physics although Benson presented many physical proofs of the “physics law” concerning the MOCION (  11motion11 = “time” } involved. Benson’s first book 100% INTELLECT with its some 1000 plus pages well illustrated published by himself and his wife ‘Pauly’ now Doing Business As ARAM CHURCHE is

><ith 1982 A,D. International Copyright and reiterates his Claim of Invention for this “FLUID­ MOBILE” ><hich already has some Patent protection under International Grant #J, 714, 7)1. Benson’s self-published vorks extensively explains all the 11mathematics” and “phsyics” attending such phenomenon of ALL NATURE as “gravity control”, Benson felt ORDAINED by GOD to do this important work of ARAM CHURCHE with the intention of SELF EMPLOYMENT Profit Motive along ><ith the intent of SEEING TO IT THAT ALL PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO SUCH KNOWLEDGE,

While still functioning as Advanced Mobility Associates and serving as President of Generic Systems Incorporated whose Board of Directors accepted the Exclusive Marketing Rights of a foreign Invention Patented vithin the U.S.A. as a fishing device led to bank borrowing to finance importation and marketing. Shortly following its U.S.A. introduction 2o U.S.A. manufacturers blatantly copied the import and with the Benson family securing the notes they were ‘niined’ financially by cheats.

ATLANTEANS ORDER                                           PRESENTDAY ORDER

Text Box: 									

08	o9
1o	11	12	13	14	15	16	17	18	19

21	22	
26	27	

32	33	
35	36	

43	44	45	46	
47	48	

5J	54 55	

60	61	62	63	64	
65	66	
67	68	

71	72	7J	
76	77	78	

Bo	81	82	
BJ	84	
85	86	87	88	89
98	99

Text Box: 									

18	19	

21	22	
27	28	

32	33	
36	37	

43	44	
45	46	

54	55	

63	64	
65	66	

72	73	
76	77	

81	82	
87	88	
98	99	loo

loo%= BINNATUS( 11binary” ) system of “IDENTICALBITSare shown in ‘seriesorder’ of display of SIMPLE KODI!\G “graphics” ol what we could now term ALETTERS & hf'(JHM:BERS symbols of 5+5 per ROW knowing that 1234567890 = 012)456789 in either-direction LEFT-to-RIGHT & “DIAGOl\ALLY” or DOWN-to­ UP & UP-to-DOWN if’ MIRRORED( 1oojb) f’or such “graphics-display as shown above.

ATLANTEA.NS ORDER shows ACENTEfl( 66 “A Center” ) 4+4 “BOLD-FACE SYMBOLS” sum to read 396 and T+H+E

( 3+J = 6 ) x M+E+T+R+I+A( 66 ) 396 = “The Meter” as 44 x 3×3 = 44 x 9 = J96. Note that of’ the RIGHT-HAND vertical row that o9 x 99 = 891 and 1 / 891 = .oo11223J445566778899 ‘Arabic-Numerals’ in  ‘pairedsets’ while 1 /  98o.1 = .oo1o2oJo4oSo6o7o8o9o ‘ArabicNumerals‘ while similarily

1 / 810.0000074 = .0123456789 ‘Arabic-Numerals’ in ‘serial-order’ of’ A+L+L( 1+12+12 = 25 = 5×5 ) & N+A+T+ +R( 7+4 = 1+1 = 2 ) x E( 5 ) = 5+5 the ‘graphic-symbol’ 55 shown at the intersection of’ 2 “DIAGONALS” of  either ASQUARRE( “A Square” ) display above within such 9×9 symbols ‘cornered’ by

11 , 19 , 91 & 99 “graphic-symbols” & 9×9 = 81 = 18( Ra = R x 1 ) MTRRORED( loojb ).

5 – 5

5 I 5

5 + 5

5 X 5

Azero( o Symbol since O = 15th-ofseries in ALETTERS order of 22 ALPHABETUMA looJb )

+ Azero + Azero = loo%= 1 ) Note: 5 / 5 = .5 + .5

1 + Azero = loo%= A+C+E+N+T+E+R+U+M while A+C+E+N+T+E+R = 66 = 2 x 33 =

52 = 25 = 25 = A+L+L( 1+12+12 = 25) while S+E+A( 25 ) and L+E+V+E+L( 55 )

#1 SPECIFIC-GRAVITY H20 STANDARDS loo% at ‘maximum-density’ at 3960 “MILES” ELEVATION of’ EARTH’S CELESTIAL-VERTICAL STANDARDS showing OUR-EARTH loo% PERIPHERE( “circumference” )

25000 11MILES,” ARC •

.5 x 25 = 12.5 ARC of’ C+I+R+C+U+L( 66) x .E( .5 ) = 33( 3+3 = ¢ = Q                                                                                                     symbol ) STANDARDS 100% of’

S+P+H+E+R( 66 ) x .E( .5 ) or a “hemisphere” having 3.96 RADIA Constant and J.96 x 33 equals its 1Jo.68 “CUBIC-VOLUME” of’ such “half’-sphere” having ARC 12.5 which ARC x 63.36% = 3.96×2 DIAMETTRIA ( loo% “diameter” ) of’ such CURCUL x .E STANDARDS( 1 + Azero + Azero = “unit” 100% )• 25 ARC of’ 360° ANGLE “circumf’erence” x 31.68% = 7,92 DIAMETTRIA as 12.5 x .6336 = 7.92 and then know that

1 / .3168 = J.156 565 62.§_ ratio which x DIAMETTRIA of 7.92 = 25 PERIPHERE of’ CIRCUL( 66 “circle”

of’ 360° ANGLE A.RC 11circumf’erence”.

NOWHERE WJTHIN THIS SIMPLE ORDER OF ALL NATlJRE can  one  find what we erroneously now use as the

J.141 592 653 589 793 462 743 383 279 5o2 884 197 169 J99 375 lo5 820 74+ ••• “Pl-RATI0″(1T) as

J.141 592 653 = PIRATI0″(1T) commonly used at such 5+5 places to the right of’the decimal-point.


@ ·1984 A.D.        RICHARD J.  “Dick” BENSON who with his wif”e 1Pauly1 Do Business As A.RAM CHURCHE

4227-2 1-‘alker Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28211 U.S.A. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED with respect to all  the maps and pertinentdra‘”‘·ings( as above } as well as the TEXT. Anyone wishing to reprint any portion must secure f’ormal pennission :from Author or his  legal representative.


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