Thinking, Wisdom and Vision

Stefan Grossman’s book, Atlantlanean Philosophy The Nine Bodies of Man is full of references to old philosophers asking and getting answers to the above. Here is a quote from the Preface concerning those definitions:

For the longest time, philosophy has been a description and dissection of thinking. That contradicts its name.

Through such a lens, wisdom has been misunderstood, merely, as a form of thinking. That view is quite misleading.
Wisdom, seen through the eyes of timeless teachings, is non-thinking. There is something that has been with us all along that is that what comes after thinking. That is Vision, and non-thinking is its price. Thinking and Vision are different, and in certain ways mutually exclusive. There can be no thinking without vision, however impaired; but there can be vision (in a full-fledged form: only) without thinking. One of the signatures of our millennial shift are ancient and eastern techniques to “clear the mind” for better results. That was a favourite of Buddha, to mention a name. That means, turn down, and ideally: turn off, “your” thinking. In the same breath, you abolish “your” false, or fake, self. Can we still see if we stop talking? Try it out and make a big discovery! It works out the same way on the mental level, as well! Can we “still” exist if we stop thinking? Emphatically, no! The reason is, that, while we were still living on trees and were thinking, we did not exist at all…

The best I can do is to assemble a commentary in toto (“Gesamtkommentar”) for the entire base text as a whole, since a philological annotation and exegesis of historical, cultural, and initiatory passages and particularities is not possible at present due to a lack of specific sources and libraries in our domain. The two exceptions are (i) the culture of the “rays”, and (ii) the Immortality Exercises for which Scott Rauvers thankfully has published a detailed research report that is equivalent to a locus commentary specially for Tablet Thirteen. Doreal in 1948 published some brief locus notes. Altogether, mys exploration drive over virgin frontier land (not counting the introductory remarks by M. Doreal from 1939 and his 1948 notes) is made with a plough.
Each of the two volumes builds holographic information, like a 4D painting. There is a field-form mental transmission behind the text. Forget the text and sniff the fields! That is the same as “transference” (in psychoanalysis), and as “initiation” (in spiritual contact systems).

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