A Little More about Love and Emotions

27 degrees Leo
 Galactic Center
The Angels
Miraculous Powers 
Also known as 
Miraculous powers are blazing love, clarity and happiness
that bless all with the highest good.
 Many beings of other spheres are helping.
Prepare for miracles!!!!!
Emotions of flowing Divine Love are
manifesting new realities.
We reveal through laws of cause and effect that
life plasma from loving hearts
opens awareness of indwelling presence of Supreme Being dwelling within all creation.
Divine cognition brought about by cosmic love transmutes whatever comes within the radius of the tube torus
energy field of the human heart. By merging with omnipresence this field penetrates everything everywhere.
With burning flames of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient divine love
generated from a state of pure being
new creations rise up from old ones
like the phoenix.
We teach how emotions of flowing Cosmic Divine Love
in accord with the highest good of all concerned. 
These manifestations of DIVINE LOVE
result in supreme happiness for everyone concerned.
Happiness is necessary for cohesion, which is similar to gravity.
 Miracles performed by teachers of old are examples meant to be followed.
   Therefore we and other heavenly hosts help people create new realities

and perform divine miracles through blazing hearts of

divine love.
Hearts that have been closed or wounded are being healed in miraculous ways.
Now is the time for divine healing for all.
 Open hearts of flowing love are creating magnificent tube torus fields of energy.
These fields surround the holy temple of God that are human bodies.
"You are made in the image and likeness of God."
   These fields of plasma or life energy scientifically catalyze dramatic changes in reality that are 
beneficial to all.
Open hearts of flowing love are the most important aspect of Divine Being to manifest in self and others.
New cycles are beginning.
Golden cycles nesting within each another are manifesting Heaven on Earth.
Love transforms education.
In the past education concerned the five senses, logic, and memory.
  This skill is produced by Beta brainwaves which 
come to maturity after puberty.
   Emphasis during earlier years on Beta brainwave functions instead of natural ones
 such as Delta, 
Theta, and Alpha brainwaves was damaging.
In infancy the Delta brainwave is dominant,
 this is the state of pure being and oneness with all there is. Each night in deep dreamless sleep this is re-experienced.
 This brainwave pattern is the basis of samadhi or union with Divine Being,
omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.
 In childhood, the theta brainwave state is dominant,
 this is the state of deep inner fantasy and imagination. This is produced in dreams each night.
 This state is necessary for visualization and deep inner thought that cause the pineal gland 
to secrete corresponding powerful consciousness altering chemicals into the blood stream.
In adolescence, the alpha brainwave state is dominant.
This is the awareness of flowing emotions.
This is also experienced in dreams each night.
Emotions are compressed information from the deeper delta and theta states.
Emotions are magnetic and attract corresponding realities into form
 out of the quantum field of infinite possiblities.

Beta brainwaves are dominant after puberty. They are the five senses, logic, memory, conscience, and linear thinking.

Now is the time when all four develop and mature naturally according to the highest good of all concerned so
that states of enlightenment occur naturally.
  As children develop in sacred and natural ways
blazing hearts of flowing love enliven feelings of bliss, happiness, and rapture.
 As strong blazing hearts of unconditional love find peak expression 
emotionally during adolescence
then dominance of Beta brainwaves after puberty work in tandem with the heart.
 As you can see, deeper brainwave levels build upon each other
and are absolutely necessary to the creation of and manifestation of 
Divine Providence has ordained that now in the fullness of time
which is the Alpha and the Omega
sacred technologies
form new educational realities that are the highest good of all.
They emerge ancient future
paradigms of heaven on earth. 
Divine education studies the beauty in nature through the eyes of a 
loving heart intelligence.
By meditating on divine virtues in the whole brain way
neurotransmitters and glandular secretions of the human body alter 
The natural divinity of humanity is experienced and 
manifests fully. 
Through the Law of Correspondences, the “as above, so below” law,
when people create realities in meditation, inside their own beings, 
wills,  mind, emotions, and sensations,
  then corresponding realities are created in the outer universe.
This is known as "The Power of the Word."
The well being of the whole
is blessed as each individual is happy and inspired from within with clarity and perfect purity.
 New realities are being attracted into manifestation from successful 
states of inner meditation of DIVINE LOVE. 
These new realities are flowing with divine happiness.
 Existing in states of supreme happiness is the natural order of the universe.
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all you lands."
Happiness creates cohesion in creation.
Perhaps this is why in The Declaration of Independence it states that the
the pursuit of happiness is of such prime importance.
Sacred Law demands that only the highest good of all concerned happen 
in any and all instances.
Inner guidance, that still small voice within,
 is gently guiding each being to create new realities of love.
Seeing through the eyes of emotional LOVE DIVINE 
is revealing DIVINE BEINGNESS indwelling whatever is seen.
This brings about miracles of love and divine justice and harmony for all.
Inner guidance is the direct link with Divine Providence
that knows exactly what the highest good is in each and every situation.
Unlike civil and social laws, sacred law cannot be written
 because it is given in the moment through inner guidance.
 Each person and moment is unique, and inner guidance creates LOVING REALITIES
that bring supreme happiness to all in each time and place.
What is right at one time may not be right at another, what is good for 
one situation or person may not be appropriate for another.
 Therefore sacred law is given through inner guidance so that the heart 
expresses love that is best for each person, time and place.
Sacred Law is accessible within the heart.
The magnetic energy field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger 
[and the electrical field is even more stronger,]
than the energy field of the brain alone.
By seeing through emotions of love divine
energy fields of head and the heart are connected and miracles happen.
Keep in mind that as the heart opens after a long while of being closed
old emotional wounding comes back into awareness to be healed.
Heal painful emotions by being present with them in attitudes of 
deep empathy for the emotions themselves,
 and for those experiences of self deep inside that generated these emotions 
during times of previous emotional traumas.
Be thankful for all that has been learned from these painful times
for in experiencing them
it is remembered so deeply how important love and happiness really are.
 Letting upset emotions flow with empathy heals them quickly and permanently,
especially when allowing the flowing to go all the way back to the first 
time ever felt.
 Ask DIVINE LOVE to heal them and everyone and everything concerned.
Ask for this DIVINE LOVE to heal ancestors back through all times, and to heal 
future generations forward through times.
Imagine this happening in your theta brainwave state of deep inner fantasy!
Miracles require whole brain awareness of Divine virtues;
 the ability to simultaneously experience pure being and unity with 
Divine Being and all Creation- THE ONE,
deep inner imagination and thoughts, strong flowing emotions 
and corresponding sensations, memory and logic of what is desired.
Meditate each day.

Cynthia Rose Schlosser <spiritus@mindspring.com>

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