Angelic Messages

I have met a woman, Cynthia Rose Schlosser through another mutual friend. Cynthia is a spiritualist and provides to all that ask daily Angelic Messages. Much has come from Franz Bardon’s writings and research within an ancient writing known as the Quaballah that has been found to have been most likely the precursor to three major religious movements; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Many of the wordage used within the Angelic Messages are from Franz Bardon having been heavily paraphrased. Here are some links should you want to engage with these messages.

Archived Angelic Messages:

Information on Angelic Messages: http://angelmessages.paradise

To receive Angel Messages, include Subscribe within the Subject of your email and send to:

Spiritus trauma clearing, angelic music and sacred angelic artwork can be obtained

The Law of One principles “As Above so Below” are supported by Angelic Messages and you will often read quotations from The Law of One within the messages. Enjoy some Enya along with viewing. Cynthia has changed her last name from Young to Schlosser.

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