Ismael Perez and Catherine Edwards Upclose and Personal~

Within recent past weeks the name and personage of Ismael Perez has taken the Alternative media by storm. Ismael talks within a fast pace of delivering story after story and seemingly connects the dots with timelines which for uninitiated seem to be beyond belief. Ismael claims his Starseed agenda is real and wants to awaken sleeping souls. Though to others within an active SSP Collective and Spiritualist groups already fairly well known within the Disclosure Movements there is a hesitation to rally behind Ismael. This hesitation may be due to an over repetition of events already partially known and openly talked about within those groups so the originality of the majority of what Ismael Perez delivers within his interviews is hitting numbed ears that have “Heard it all before .” We should in my honest opinion not throw the ‘Baby out with the Bath Water’ as there will always be something ‘new’ to be found after the soap bubbles dissolve. So, if this person is new to your list of revealers, then maybe your search of his name on YouTube or Google will give you a link for furthering your discernment skills.

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