Infrared Capture of Unknown Object

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  1. The above is a poor copy of the recording transferred here from my iPhone. It was around midnight on the 9th of June 2022 when I had a thought about checking on my outside security camera. I knew that they operate on the Infrared spectrum at night and that means anything with a prominent heat signature should be visible to the camera and the viewer. So, I fired up my laptop and activated the software for the security cameras and started browsing. When I noticed this object was almost floating in the air above the roof of our golf cart that was parked on our patio, well I quickly got my laptop connected to the large TV in the living room and then took my iPhone and videoed the event. I later asked my IT installer of the camera if this was some sort of abnormality within the camera and his reply was that it did not seem so as the camera did not continue to demonstrate the phenomena the next night or ever since. I have had a lot of replies from both normal people and gifted people. It does amaze me at how gently it moves as if riding upon a current of energy outside of the object and that it twists and turns. Thee seems to be a higher value of heat given off at the top of the cylinder and the bottom. Then you might notice a filament strand connecting the two ends of this cylinder internally as well as a wall of energy matter containing the structure of the cylinder. Well, for sure it is quite the spectacular !

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