Matthew Starseed

If you have been following my blogs about topics that include the Secret Space Programs which worldwide over an estimated million plus youngsters at ages of 5-12 had been abducted into through military programs that were covert operations within their nations established military and their industrial complexes. So, Matthew has come boldly out with many others that I will introduce ( with authorization ) in future posts.…/esp_andromedacom…

Matthew expresses the desire for having disclosure of the ‘Paranormal’ as it is related to the lives of Super Soldiers that have begun to have memories, mostly starting as nightmares which recalled experiences linked with real emotional reactions. YouTube channel: Journey to Truth should be releasing their Conference this past May of 2022 where numerous experiencers of SSP lives were related to the attendees.

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  1. The links which were copied from a FB post were not published as technology would not work with what was contained in the link. If you go to FaceBook and search Matthew Starseed you will see a post from Alex Collier which was what Matthew had put on his FB page.

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