What you see ?

What we see with our physical eyes is not always exactly what is being sensed by our third-eye. Oh, you did not know that the body has another eye? The Pineal gland situated within your brain is often referred to as the 3rd Eye by Spiritualists, those who practice ESP techniques and are able to capture glimpse of events from the Past, Present or Future because to them their is no time. Kinda looking at everything from the center point within a sphere (3rd Dimensional Circular Globe) where upon its surfaces everything is occurring at the same moment simultaneously. No, they don’t see it all at the same time, though if they focus upon a singular point or related topic to which can be accessed through a sort of Universal Library (Akashic Records) or the Etheric Realms of Beings called Guides or even their own Higher Selves. The term spoken of in the Bible of Christianity called the Christ Mind is tied to this Etheric Realm and refers to the Mind that was working in the body of Jesus. The book of Timothy relates to the Mind of Christ ( a hint ) to what is also within each of us; as being created in the Image and Likeness of Our Creator there was no indication of a lack of Gifts made available to our Souls. It is like an athlete who does not train, workout and practice on a particular skill set then they will never become proficient at what they could achieve. Within accessing the practice of learning unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love you will learn to develop a sense of Peace within you. This sense of abiding Peace is the state of inner energy necessary for unblocking all the previous forms of mind-controlling programs which have been indoctrinated in your consciousness.

As children we learned initially over 90% of the things that we viewed with our physical eyes and recorded all that data within the brain’s memory cells. So, we also related all those visual inputs to our Higher Self and that was by telepathy and it continues today and further into the depths of the Cosmos. You should be understanding that you are a viable radio/TV wandering around the Earth having experiences with people, animals and the elements of weather and topography’s and bodies of water both recording those incidents and transmitting them through telepathy to others. So, Love is the filter by which positive relationships are best made and maintained during any ventures of a searching and seeking mind makes. The greater the Love and Gratitude energies are practiced within the Service to Others application of your Gifts then the better benefits you will receive in this lifetime. At some later posting I will include links to others that have polished their Gifts; but it is most important that you know Yourself first and develop that ‘gut’ reflex feeling whenever seeking knowledge from another human that is acting as a filter to any data being drawn from within the Cosmos. Fear and doubting is a good thing and should not paralyze you but energize your inner discernment and give you an opportunity to challenge any doctrine or stated truth by another soul acting as an intermediary with a Spirit that is foreign to your comprehension of life and reality as you know it. Namaste, Blessings

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