Stories from our North Carolina Atlantic Coast to the Moon and Cosmos.

I had the pleasure of living several seasons of the year in Carolina Beach, NC as my wife inherited a residence there from her late spouse. It was sold last October of 2021 as we are down sizing and enjoying life in our mid 70’s.

The moon is a topic of great interest in all circles of life whether it be NASA, Super Space Force. SSP or subject of great romance stories affecting the emotions of humans along with the tides that all sailing vessels must be cognizant of when tides are high or low. Then we have our Cosmos, with new telescopes being sent into the deep fathoms of the void; a void that is far from being empty as its archaic wording describes outer space.

The photo of time lapse was taken on November 19th at close to 04:15 hours EST near Charlotte, North Carolina and unexplained streaks of colored light bands became only apparent when opening the digital capture and they are beyond the moon. Our moon was going through an elcipse that morning and so you’ll see it recorded also in over 20 slices of its image. Just prior to the still image taken through my Nikon D4S I had experienced a total failure of drone communications with the craft and remote causing my drone to fall and crash upon striking the gound. I did not want to miss an attempt to capture the elcipse so I grabbed my camera and had no time for a tripod and could only brace the camera and its telephoto lens against the garage and hold as tight as possible. Did Alien crafts sweep through the sky and get caught within the time lapse of the camera? Your guess is as good as mine. Luckily, the manufacturer of my drone did honor its warranty in that there seemed to be a major component hardware piece within the drone that failed thus causing the drone to disconnect from the remote and fall from the sky that night. Oh, and yes, I am certified to fly these drones at night and use obstacle avoidance lights to clearly mark the drone so it is seen from 3 miles away. A possible cause of failure within the drone could have been EMF radiating from an unknown source (unseen also) and that if at a strong signal strength is one way to knock out communicationi frequency used by drones with their remotes.

We may never truly know the complete story of details but it sure was for me a night to remember.

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